Installing a baby bathtub

Baby Bathtub

Your baby might not like baths as much as you do, but it still needs to bathe. Although it is not recommended for your baby to have long soaks in the bathtub, it still needs a bathtub to bathe in. It is much easier to bathe a baby in a bathtub as it might not be used to the water pressure or the sound caused by the shower head. Not only that, the temperature of the water that comes out from the shower head may not be constant and may cause your baby to catch a cold or even scald his or her skin. Here is how you can convert a shower into a mini bathtub area to bathe your baby. Your shower cubicle is the best place to bathe your baby, as opposed to a kitchen sink, as it is covered up and thus, there is little air coming in that may cause your baby to catch a chill. Having everything ready will not only prevent unwanted accidents from happening, it will also ensure that baby’s bath time is enjoyable for both you and your baby. Not only that, baby’s bath time will also be less stressful, thus providing you with the opportunity to bond with your baby. Always remember that your baby’s skin and eyes are much more sensitive as compared to yours. You should always keep that in mind while shopping for baby products such as bath gels, shampoo and even talcum powder.

  1. First of all, cover the entire shower cubicle with a non-slip bathtub mat.
  1. Place your baby bathtub in the centre of the cubicle.
  2. You can also add in a baby toy/ bath supplies organizer by the wall under the shower faucets as you would want everything within an arm’s reach to restrict movement.
  3. Not only that, you may also need to install safety knobs over the faucets to avoid accidentally bumping into them or turning them on during bath time.
  4. Use a temperature gauge to measure the water’s temperature.
  5. A baby’s bath should be in between 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit and 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Also note that you should only fill the baby’s bathtub with about two-three inches of water and not more.
  7. Place also a small stool by the baby bathtub for you to sit while bathing the baby as it would be easier on your knees and back as well as provide you with better access to the baby while bathing.
  8. You are now ready to bathe your baby.
  9. Remember to sit down first before putting the baby into the water.
  10. If you are not confident, always have someone else more experience around to help you out for the first few times.

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