Making a Reversible Book Carry out of Old Pillow Cases

Reversible Book

Here is how you can make a book carry out of your old pillow cases

  1. You will need two pillow cases for this project. Choose ones that are made out of cotton for a more durable book carry. Also, you may choose two pillow cases of a different colour or pattern so that it will look like you have more than one book carry when you reverse the inside out. Besides that, they should also be of the same size.
  2. Always wash your pillow cases before you start on the project. This is especially so if your pillow cases are old and dusty and have been sitting in the linen closet for ages (probably in your grandma\’s). The reason why you need to wash them first is not only to get rid of dust and dirt, but also possible silverfish that might ruin your books later on.
  3. Once you have washed and dried your pillow case, iron them and spray a little bit of starch on them to harden the material.
  4. Next, lay one of the pillow cases on a flat surface. From the base of the pillow case, measure approximately one and a half feet up. Mark the measurement down with a fabric marker and do the same for the other side of the length. Join the two markings together so that you get a straight line across the pillow case. Cut right across, along the line you have just made. You should pin the two layers together to make it easier to cut through.
  5. Now, fold the frayed edge about an inch over towards the inside. Pin it down. Do not pin both sides together. This will be your outer piece.
  6. Repeat steps three and four for the other pillow case. However, turn this pillow case inside out first before you start and fold the frayed edges outwards instead of inwards when you are done. Pin as you did with the previous pillow case. This will be your inner piece.
  7. Once both pieces are done, slip the inner piece into the outer piece and pin the folded edges together.
  8. Fashion two handles from the remaining cloth. To do so, cut out four strips of the same size from the remaining cloth; two from each pillow case. They should be at least two inches wide. Pin the two strips together; each from a different pillow case, with both insides facing out. Sew on both sides, approximately half an inch in. When you are done, turn the strip right side out. Do the same for the other handle.
  9. Pin the handles in between the inner and outer pieces, making sure that they match.
  10. Sew all around the edge to combine all the pieces together. You now have a reversible book carry.

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