Making Accessories out of old Candy


When I was a kid, my mother used to hide the candy that my uncles and aunties or even visitors brought to our house as gifts. I was particularly crazy about the chewy gummy ones which came in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and those were the ones that my mother hid under national security. A week ago, I found a bag of these gummy candies hidden at the back of the meat compartment (I do not know why I did not bother looking there). Much to my horror, they were well beyond their expiry date, and almost more than two years old. The fact that they were not covered in mould tempted me to bite into one of them, but I resisted. But I was determined not to let them go to waste, and then I came up with a brilliant idea. It would be like an odd to the candy that I will never be able to consume, but fortunately, I will always be able to look at them after that. Here is how you can turn your expired candy into accessories. For the sake of this example, I will be using gummy bears.

  1. You will need craft wire which you can easily purchase from arts and craft stores. First, cut out pieces of wire that is slightly longer than the height of your gummy bear. Leave approximately 2 cm in excess.
  2. Using pliers, bend one end of the wire until it forms a hoop with a diameter of less than 5 mm.
  3. Pierce the gummy bear from the top of its head right through its base with the other end of the wire.
  4. Bend the other end of the wire to make a similar hoop like the one on top.
  5. Thread a piece of string through the top hoop so that you can hang the bear up while you work on it. The bear will have to be dangling in mid air while you work on it.
  6. Now, using a paint brush, cover the entire bear with PVA glue. Alternatively, you can also use clear glue spray, but it will be trickier to work with since you will not be able to tell if the glue has covered the entire surface area.
  7. Leave the glue-covered bear to dry over night, or until it is completely dried.
  8. You can now use this bear as part of your accessories.
  9. To make earrings, purchase earrings hooks which can get at arts and craft stores. Secure the hook onto the top hoop of the bear. Make two of these for a pair.
  10. Besides that, you can also give them away as charms for charm bracelets.

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