Installing solar powered yard lights

Solar powered yard lights are a great way to light up your garden landscape without any special wiring or digging. These lights are safe, budget-friendly and have a small electronic circuit in each one along with a photocell. The electronic circuit will automatically turn it off and on as the day changes into night. The lights will cost you nothing to power and are environmentally friendly too since they are powered by the sun. Here are the steps on how to install them.

Things that you need:

  1. Solar powered lights
  2. small spade
  3. water


  1. Buy a sufficient amount of solar powered yard lights to line your garden, walkway, yard perimeter, pool or deck. Complement your home design and landscaping by selecting a black painting or a metal finish in copper, silver or bronze.
  2. Prepare your light fixtures by removing them from the packaging. Set them upright in an area of bright sunlight. You should choose a day when the weather is clear and there is no sign of rain to make sure your lighting installation progress smoothly.
  3. Make sure to charge your lights for 12 to 14 hours or over two days to make the batteries ready for installation. Measure the area and decide on the layout. Spacing the lights evenly will create uniformity to the area.
  4. Choose locations that receive several hours of full sunlight daily. Check the soil and make sure that it is loose enough. The loose soil is needed to make sure the lights can be pushed down into the ground.
  5. If the soil is dry and hard, you can dampen the soil with some water several times and wait for a few hours before installing the lights. This step will avoid stress to the light\’s support post. Loose the soil that contains a lot of clay by using a small spade.
  6. For the pools, or on the deck or posts, you can try to use hanging solar powered lights. Make sure to secure the hangers to prevent the lights from being blown away fin storms or high winds. For the pool, you can check out the floating solar lights.
  7. For the maintenance, you can wipe the solar panel with a slightly damp old cloth or sponge occasionally to remove any dirt to maximize exposure to the sunlight. Replace the batteries in the lights every 2 years to keep longer and better performance.

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