Making your garden organic

Organic fruits and vegetables are not only safer for human consumption, they also contain more nutrients than commercially grown ones. However, choosing to buy organic can be very costly. The more economical way and safer bet is to organically grow fruits and vegetable in your own garden.

Going organic does not mean that you need a garden to grow your vegetables and fruits. For those staying in high rise buildings, you can opt to grow your produces in Styrofoam containers, or even pots. Besides that, you can also start a little herb garden right outside your kitchen window where it will receive enough sunlight to grow, and where it is easily accessible to you while cooking.

Approximately 40% of household waste can be turned into organic compost; from eggshells, paper to the remains of yesterday\’s vegetables. Egg shells which are full of nutrients can be soaked over night and the water poured over your plants the next day. Another way would be simply to break the egg shells into smaller pieces and scatter them onto the soil. Other than that, you can also keep the peeled skins or any unwanted part of the vegetable that is usually discarded in a bin with the lid on. Over time, the mixture will turn into very rich compost that you can use as fertilizer over your plants.

Healthy fruits and vegetables are sure to attract insects. Garlic is known as a natural source of insect repellent. To keep the pest away, put a bulb of garlic and two cups of water in a blender until fine, leave it to stand over night, strain the water and mix it into a litre of water. The solution should be sprayed onto the leaves of your plants to keep the insects from gnawing away at your beautiful greens.

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