Installing your home’s digital programmable thermostat

Digital programmable thermostat is one of the green ways to conserve and save your bills as well. You can control the temperature of the air conditioning or furnace according to your preferences by using a digital programmable thermostat. Although, it is usual to call a professional heating contractor to help you for installing the thermostat, it is still possible for you to install it by yourself. What you need to know are the steps in installing a digital programmable thermostat. The steps that you need before starting installing a thermostat are meeting a licensed electrician for consultation. By consulting a licensed electrician, you would not be facing any problems regarding the electrical wires to be used. Here are the steps on how to install a programmable thermostat.

Materials and tools that you need:

  1. new programmable thermostat
  2. marker pen
  3. screw driver
  4. electric drill
  5. hammer
  6. wire stripper


  1. First, you need to disconnect the electricity power to the furnace and air conditioner before starting the installation by shutting off the circuit breaker.
  2. Next, remove the old cover from the mounting plate on the wall without disconnecting the wires before removing the old thermostat. Identify the old wires before disconnecting them. The best way to identify is by labeling the old wires. Make sure that you have not retreat the old wires back into the wall. When you finished marking them, instantly disconnect these wires.
  3. To connect the new wires, place the new thermostat back to the plate where the old wires were initially placed. Use a marker pen or any markings that you can find to mark where the screws will be placed. Be sure that everything is leveled.
  4. Then, punch holes on the wall where you marked (for the screws to be placed). You have to make sure that you will be able to put the screws firmly on the wall. Screw the plate in the anchors.
  5. Thread the wires by using the base of the new thermostat. Look carefully and make sure that there is no wires in-between the wall and the plate.
  6. Next, adjust the base with wires and the mounting plate\’s screw is centered on the marks for the screws. Make holes for each of the screw by using an electrical drill. Remove any drywell dust left.
  7. Using a hammer or something similar, tap evenly the plastic anchors to the holes. While threading through the base of the new digital programmable thermostat, be sure to level the wires. Insert the mounting screws carefully. To make sure that the screws would not fall off, tighten the mounting screws.
  8. To connect the wires, use a wiring diagram. The diagram will help you to make sure that the wires to be connected are matched. Use a wire stripper to remove plastic insulation.

Finally, turn the power back on after everything has been thoroughly checked. To program and test the thermostat, use the instruction manual. You can test if both air conditioning and the furnance work well by using both the manual and automatic modes.

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