Making a dance floor in your home

A proper dance floor is crucial for a room in your home that you decide to convert into a dance studio or dance room. The room will need a smooth, level floor installed in it, and fiberboard of medium density can do the job for you. You should also install mirrors on your wall along the floor. This mirror will help the dancers observe themselves. Here are steps on how to make a dance floor for your home.

Things that you will need:

  1. fiberboard with medium density of ¾ inch thick
  2. 1 inch screws, power drill with special bit
  3. wall-mountable mirror (quantity depends on your choice)

How to:

  1. First, measure the room that you wish to build the dance floor in by square footage. Make sure to purchase enough sections of medium density fiberboard to lay out in the room according to the measurement that you taken earlier. A single section of fiberboard usually measures about eight feet by four feet. To be safe, you can purchase at least one more section than you actually need.
  2. Next, cut and trim the sections of fiberboard so that they will properly fit your room. Take the extra board and cut it along the long side into strips two inches wide. Lay the fiberboard strips down in the room. The strips should be placed along the edges of the floor where they meet the walls. The remaining strips will go on the areas of the floor where your fiberboard sections will connect to one another. Lay these strips down on one section at a time and place the section on top of the strips. While installing the sections, you can wear knee pads to be more comfortable and protect your knee as well.
  3. Screw each section in place once it is on the floor. Use a special bit that drills a hole for the screw with a larger hole above it for a screw cap. You can find this special bit for the drill with the help of a hardware store specialist. Drill holes in each corner of the section and more holes a foot apart. Use inch long flat top screws to fasten the fiberboard section into the strips.
  4. Repeat the above steps for each fiberboard. Repeat until the entire floor is finally laid out. Cap all the screws once the floor is assembled.
  5. Finally, line at least one wall with full size wall-mountable mirrors. Check the hardware store for the size and number of precut mirrors you need. Before installing the mirrors, read the instructions that come with it for proper mounting.

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