Keeping roaches out of your apartment

Roaches are not the nicest insects around. Not that they do anything, but they look nasty. We all know that their looks play a big part in making girls hate them. Nevertheless, roaches are not just ugly-looking creatures; they also carry with them germs. Now we all know that germs are nasty. Germs are not good bacteria for us. It can make us sick.

Since roaches are small and tiny in general, these insects have the ability to get anywhere without us knowing they are there. Most probably, we only know if they fly around with their huge wings. Not all roaches have wings so the rest of them tend stick around our stuffs. These include our food, clothes, and more.

Almost all of us hate roaches as they are nasty, germs carrier and dirty pests, especially in our homes. If you have this problem or have tried to keep these roaches from getting into your home, here are some tips on how to do it.


  • You need to find out how the roaches are getting into the apartment. Watch where the roaches scurry back to when you see one. Usually, roaches like to hide back when they see us. In general, roaches like humid, warm areas with crevices and cracks.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices by a stuffing steel wool and the use caulk and a caulking gun. You will take more time when doing this, but it will help. The space between the pipes and the drains is the most common entryway for the roaches. Seal an area that is out of sight and hard to reach by using a duct tape.
  • Make a roach killing mixture by mixing 2 parts of flour, 1 part of cocoa powder and 4 parts of boric acids.
  • Place the mixture in the back of cabinets, drawers, along the walls, under the sink and any of places that you think the roaches might be. Before sealing the cracks and crevices, you could also place the mixture into them too.
  • Keep your apartment clean and free from dirty kitchen. Fix and sealed any leaky pipes so there is no moisture to attract the roaches.
  • Let your apartment manager know if you have a roach problem. He/she should have the apartment on a regular schedule with a pest exterminator. This will help to keep controlling the roach issues and helping you to get rid and keep the roaches away forever.

By now, you must have successfully removed all the roaches out of your home. Or, at least prevent these roaches from entering your home. We all know that roaches are disgusting insects, but at some point we have to take the steps to prevent these roaches from entering our homes and destroying our personal stuffs with their icky hands and feet.

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