Keeping your Wood Paneling in Good Shape

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Wood paneling and finishes in your house will definitely look better if you manage to maintain and care for it in a proper way. This type of decoration is an old style of furnishing up your interior wall in providing warmth and comfort, plus giving extra charming aura. Below are some of the information and tips to enable you to clean and maintain your wood paneling;

What you need:

  1. Vacuum brush attachment or ceiling brush
  2. Soft Cloth napkins
  3. Mild detergent solution
  4. Danish oil or Scotts Liquid Gold
  5. Wax
  6. Steel wool
  7. Turpentine

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  1. First of all, you need to dust or vacuum your wood paneling either by using the vacuum brush attachment or a ceiling brush. Besides that, cloth napkins can also be used to remove off the fingerprints after dipping it with a mild detergent.
  2. If you are using lacquered, varnished, or waxed types of wood paneling, you need to use appropriate oil normally can be found in your local hardware store at least once in every six months for preventing it from becoming dry. Please do not use furniture polish to clean the wood paneling.
  3. As for oiled or untreated wood, try to regularly dust and wipe this type of wall paneling by using either light coating of Danish oil or Scotts Liquid Gold and if there is any excess off the items, do wipe it off using a soft cloth.
  4. Other type of wood paneling is wax-finished type where you need to at least once or twice in a year paste wax onto the wood paneling. In order to remove the built-up wax around the paneling, you can use turpentine.
  5. If you noticed that your wood paneling is becoming faded or there is a scratched mark on the paneling, use a fine steel wool that you have apply a little turpentine onto it and rub in the grains direction. After that, use a soft cloth in order to polish and buff the wood.

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