Using Plates to Make a Headboard


Trying to revamp your room this new year or any festive season but tight with budget? Or simply because you were too sick of looking at the same old decoration in your room and wish to give a new face to it? Follow these simple yet creative steps to give your room a brand new lift. Most importantly, it won\’t cost you a bomb. Have you heard of using plates to make a headboard? Show your visitor something new by using plates to make a headboard.

Plates as headboard?

Yes! You heard it right. The plates that can be found in our kitchen can also use as decoration purposes. The best part of these is that nowadays you can find all kinds of design and pattern for plates. So decorate your room that suits your room by following the steps as below.

Choosing the right plate
It is important to first decide what sort of theme you want for your room. Head towards to the nearest supermarket or dollar shop to get yourself a good deal. Alternatively, you can use the plates in your kitchen that you do not use anymore.

Things that you need for this task
A few things that you need to prepare for this task such as newspaper, hooks, nail, marker, plate hanger and of course, plate!

Steps to be followed:
Remember to try different placement for the plates before drilling a hole in your wall. Spread a piece of newspaper and lay it flat on floor. Next, try different placement for the plates on top of the newspaper until you\’re satisfied. It\’s all entirely up to your creativity, so spend some time thinking whether the positioning and all suits your room or not.
Measure the area above the bed where the plates will be hanged. Don\’t place the plates too near to each other around the headboard area.
On your newspaper, remember to make a mark as to the positioning of the plates. This step is important so please note. This is to avoid you from nailing the wrong placement and resulted in damaging the wall.
Stick the newspaper to the headboard area on the wall and hammer in nail to the marks that were made earlier on. After these steps have done, remove the newspaper.

Last but not least, hang your plates on the plate hangers that are nailed on the wall. Be sure to check properly that the plate hangers were nailed in properly to avoid the plates from dropping.

That\’s it! You are all done and here\’s your new revamped room! Another tip worth noting is that other things that can be done to spice up your room is that you can do some drawings on the plate by getting special paint from art specializing shop.

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