Living Room Decorating Ideas

The living room is the space that you welcome your guests the moment they step into the house. Keep in mind that it serves as the first thing that will (or will not) impress them, so take careful consideration when choosing living room designs. It is also the place where family and friends gather, so you will also want to take into consideration the comfort factor when choosing your living room décor.


Sectionalize Your Living Room

If you have a large living room, you will need to decide on which part of the living room to use as your focal points. Focal points are important since it will make decorating your living room a lot less tedious. 

Section your living room into several function areas.

  • Lounging or Hang Out Area

Once you’ve decided on which place to make as the hang out spot, start adding upholstery. You can use club chairs or large sofas to make lounging something people will want to do in this area. An armoire can be added for a more accented look for that lounging area.

  • Eating or Gaming Spot

Add an activity table, with upholstered chairs or wooden chairs for an informal touch. Suspend a light fixture over the activity table if there is space and make sure the area is well-lit. However, make sure that the light fixtures provide soft lighting, not eye straining spot lights. 


  • Accessorizing helps make your living room cozier. These can include rugs or carpets, and can even encourage people to feel more comfortable about sitting on the floor. Add large pillows with sofa throws. Use curtain panels and add coffee tables for focal point. 
  • If you live in a climate that has winter, a fireplace can also be a great focal point to start accessorizing with picture frames, especially really old pictures and some mantels.
  • Adding some natural elements in your living room like plants can very easily summon that relaxed feel. Not only do they provide fresh oxygen, they can be great for augmenting the aesthetic value of your living room. There are a lot of choices of flowering plants you can choose from. Hanging plants are also nice living room accessories.
  • Display sparkling wine glasses, add porcelain figures and crystal figurines to a stack of leather bound books to add some fun element to them. Recycle your old possessions and everyday objects creatively to give an interesting look to your living room. 
  • Unusual teapots, polished chrome and nickel candelabra, family photos and a collection of seashells can create a unique and warm coziness in the living room.

You can get inspirations from online resources, a home improvement TV show, or even derive inspiration from that favourite restaurant you’ve visited abroad to re-create a living room that you love. Analyze your living room and see what all elements you would like to change.