Living Room Design

A big budget is not necessary when you want a great living room design. Some imagination and careful planning is what you really need. Before you dish out money from your pocket, have everything organized and planned to allow yourself to weigh out what’s worth spending on. A good living room designs should not be based primarily on the aesthetic value. Functions is also a top priority. When creating living room design, it is best to always consider how much space you have.

You will need to de-personalizing your home if you want to come up with an interior design that is worth its value. Minimize clutter in the living room to free up space and incorporate good living room designs that will not only make your place attractive but will also increase its selling value. 

Here are seven ways to make living room designs your main attraction or your main elements in making potential buyers feel at home:

  • Living sanctuary

Living rooms should reflect a safe haven from the outside world. Go for soothing colour scheme and avoid colors and busy patterns on walls. These may not be to everyone\’s taste and can make a room seem small and cluttered.

  • Accessorize with color

Add a dash of colour in a new sofa, rugs, and some fresh, coordinating flowers. Add potpourri, scented candles, and pretty packaged figurines for a luxurious, elegant feel. Remember not to overdo it though.

  • Keep the style neutral

Choose a design that is complementary to the architecture of the house. Try to minimize designs with period details and avoid putting too much of your personal taste in it should you decide to build or remodel a home with the intention to sell. You should be choosing fixtures and fittings that will appeal to the broadest possible audience. The living room is the room that which you receive guests and potential buyers in, so first impressions is important.

  • Lighting

Keep décor light. Pale-colored wood or painted furniture work best to create a sense of space especially for a small room. Keep the room airy and comfortable. Glazed cabinets and shiny, tables reflect light. 

  • Sofa

One of the most frequently used and expensive piece of furniture in the room is the sofa, so it is important to choose one that is well constructed. Incorporate bright, colored fabrics for your sofa to create an impression of bigger living room. 

The living room is the space that you welcome your guests the moment they step into the house. Keep in mind that it serves as the first thing that will (or will not) impress them,  so take careful consideration when choosing living room designs.