Making a Pair of Arm Gloves

Arm Gloves

With this season all about studs and chains, punk rock is coming back into fashion. Here is how you can make a pair of arm gloves to complete your outfit.

  1. All you need is a pair of old socks. The length does not matter, as long as they are not ankle socks. You can make arm gloves which cover only right above your wrist, or ones that cover all the way pass your elbow. For the purpose of this example, we will be using knee-length socks because it provides you with more material to work with. Also, it does not matter if the socks have holds in them because it will just add up to the grunge look.
  2. First, make a right-angle cut across the sock where your calf should end and where your foot begins. You should be left with a straight piece. Do the same for the other side. You can save the foot pieces for other projects such as sock puppets.
  3. Now, lay one of the socks on a flat surface. Make a small incision measuring approximately half an inch long on one of the sides. This incision should be approximately one inch away to one and a half inch away from the edge where you first cut off the foot piece. This incision is where your thumb will go through later on. Do the same for the other side.
  4. You now have a complete pair of arm gloves.
  5. These arm gloves can become the centre piece of your outfit if they are bold enough. Try using bright coloured socks, or even striped socks. In addition to that, most punk rock outfits are grey or black, so coloured arm gloves will stand out properly.
  6. For a twist, start with grey coloured gloves. Once you are done, jazz the gloves up a bit by sticking on iron-on studs, big safety pins and chains. Again, do not worry about making holes or tearing the gloves because punk rock is all about torn clothes, studs and chains. For chains, either sew them on or use a small safety pin to fasten them to the glove. Besides that, you can also stick on sequins and beads for more bling.
  7. In addition to looking great, these arm gloves can also serve to keep your arms warm. Besides that, they can also be used as driving gloves to keep your arms from turning dark under the sun while driving.

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