Turning a Chocolate Box into an Accessory Box

Accessory Box

Chocolates usually come in nice tin boxes which look great and are such a shame to just throw away once they are empty. This is especially so when they are given for special occasions such as Valentine\’s Day and Anniversaries. Here\’s how you can turn the box into an accessory box.

  1. If your chocolates were given for a special occasion, chances are that it would not have a plain coloured box. You may choose to preserve the box in that state, or even repaint it. To repaint the box, you will need a can of spray paint. Get one that gives you a metallic shine. Colours such as red, purple, gold, silver and black will look great for a classy finish. You should always work in an open area where there is plenty of ventilation to avoid inhaling the fumes from the spray paint. Also, cover your work area with plenty of newspapers to avoid stains on the ground. You should also work away from things such as cars, walls and pots as the paint may accidentally get sprayed onto nearby surfaces. When spraying paint onto the box, keep a distance of one foot between the box and the spray paint can. This will give you an even coat of paint. Spraying too near the box will only cause the paint to drip. Leave the box to dry over night. You may also need to recoat it the next day if the background still shows through the paint.
  2. Once you are done, you are ready to begin on the inside. To make a layered compartment for your accessory box, trace the shape of your box onto a piece of thick PVC cardboard (this looks like cardboard but is made out of PVC, and it is easily available at any stationery stores) and cut it out. You may want to cut the shape a little smaller so that it would fit through the top of the box. Besides that, you can also divide this piece of cardboard into different sections using cut out PVC cardboard pieces.
  3. On the inside of your box, stick \’legs\’ onto the base near the walls to support your top layer. You can form these \’legs\’ using the same PVC cardboard to make small tent-shaped prisms. However, make sure that they are all of the same height before sticking them onto the base using a glue gun.
  4. Once you have your support system, you can now pop the first compartment on to the legs.
  5. You now have a completed accessory box.

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