Making a Pull Chain Light Remote Controlled

As time has passed by, things have changed. The way we operate things have certainly changed. There are now shortcuts and better way to operate things. Certainly these new changes have made our lives better. We are free when it comes to certain aspects of operating things.

The same can be said electronically. The change that has been brought on as recent times changed electronically has helped us in ways we cannot even imagine. When it comes to things and items that operate using electricity, there have been many apparent changes to the way these electric devices operate now.

One such change in electric is the invention of a pull chain light remote control, so to speak. Having a pull chain light remote control provides your house with a safe method of turning on the lights and it also reduces your children or other family members from direct contact with the electrical switch. There are variety of remote controlled electrical switches in the market today and this type of switches helps increase the ease of usage and convenience in your house.

What you need:

  1. Remote-controlled light switch
  2. Surface-mounted back box, single-gang

Pull Chain Light Remote Controlled


  1. Firstly, turn off the power before removing your existing pull switch along with its back box from your ceiling. This is very important so that you don’t accidentally electroculate yourself while working on the next step. Also check that all the wires and well disconnected and that there isn’t a single connected wire that can somehow distribute electricity.
  2. Next, you need to pass the electrical wires through the back of a square, single-gang, surface-mount back box. Then, affix and secure the box directly into your ceiling joists. If you are not using ceiling joists, you can use drywall cavity fixings for ensuring solid mounting. Make sure that they are solidly secured to avoid any unforeseen incidents.
  3. Just follow the manual instructions when connecting the wires to the remote-controlled light switch and the most important thing to remember is to include a live input feed and also a live output onto your light fitting. After this set has been done, double check on it as if it’s not properly done it will not function properly.
  4. Finally, turn on back the power and test the switch operation using the remote control. If the need arises for you to program the remote, you must make sure to follow the manufacturer’s procedure.
  5. There you have it; that’s how you make a pull chain light remote control. Now all you have to do is pull the chain, like in a train, and get your lights working.

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