Making a Pumpkin vase

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During Thanksgiving or Halloween celebrations, it is important for us to decorate and beautify our homes especially when you will be having guest coming to visits you during the holidays. Below is an example for decorating a unique vase by just using a pumpkin. It is simple task to do and provides you to create your very own creation through your creativity. Choose flowers or leaves with colours in accordance to Thanksgiving table setting with autumn-theme decoration or changing it into a Halloween accessory by just draping the vase and its flowers in a spider web.

What you need:
1.    Small or Medium size Pumpkin
2.    Carving tools
3.    Spoon or Pumpkin scooper or your hand
4.    Flowers and leaf branches
5.    Water
6.    Small coffee can, small paint bucket, or glass vase that fits easily into the hollowed out pumpkin.

1.    First of all, you need to decide the exact location to put the pumpkin vase after you have finished decorating it. Choose an appropriate size pumpkin for that particular space because if a pumpkin is too big, it will block your family members or guests view during the dinner.
2.    You will have to make some markings on the pumpkin to enable you to know exactly where to cut the pumpkin and also making sure that the pumpkin is cut evenly. To cut the top of the pumpkin, you can use the carving tools. If you do no like to cut it straight, you can cut according to which ever pattern of your preferred choice.
3.    Then you need to use a pumpkin scooper or spoon or just use your hands to remove the insides of the pumpkins and all of the seeds. This activity is normally loved by kids, so do not forget to involve them along during the task. You will have to set your pumpkin out to dry before continuing with the next step.
4.    You need to select either a small coffee can, or small paint bucket, or glass vase that fits easily into the hollowed out pumpkin and place it inside the pumpkin. In order to make the flower arrangement looks like it sits directly in the pumpkin, you have to ensure that the small coffee can, or small paint bucket or glass vase does not peek out of the top of the pumpkin.
5.    You can either display some of the flowers that you plant yourself from your garden, or purchase it from the flower shop. Try to add the flower arrangement along with leaf branches of different heights and various types of colours. Arrange it according to festive floral mood and to your preferred choice or celebrations. Then, you have to add some water and a plant food to ensure the flowers last much longer and also make sure that the flower holder does not overflow with water when placing the floral arrangement inside it. The overflows of water will definitely make your pumpkin rotten.

If you managed to decorate some of the ideas mentioned above, your dinner environment will definitely be in a very different mood with autumn-themed atmosphere.

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