Have A Simple but Elegant Christmas

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Have you always fancy decorating your home for Christmas like they did in the magazine? Try these five simple steps to jumpstart your Christmas decorating exercise.

Roses are red but my heart is true blue

Instead of a bouquet of roses, decorate your tables with a simple display of red roses blossoming out of your silver tea service. The red of the roses when set against silver calls out for attention. You can be sure your guest will be impressed.

Pure As an Angle

Excessive display doesn’t always get the attention it set in the first place. Simple, on the other hand has the hints of gracefulness and elegance. Sparkling ornament set against dinnerware and linen in creamy tones, just spells elegance. So go on and bring out your best collection and display it for the whole world to see.

Untie the Knot

Instead of tying your ribbons in predictable knots, this Christmas create a holiday art by painting 12-x-12-inch artist\’s canvases in red and green, and attach your Christmas ribbons to the canvases using adhesive tapes.

Let’s Twist

For a different approach this Christmas, make full use of your glass vases by arranging a small vase inside a larger vase and filling the area between the two vases with coffee beans. You can put flowers in the colors of Christmas in the center of the vase to spice things up. The warm smell of coffee beans combine with the colorful flowers will entice your guest to come closer to admire your design.

Christmas Baubles

When people talk of Christmas balls, you always have the vision of a Christmas tree decorated with it. This Christmas, try something new by filling a nice serving tray with the Christmas balls for your holiday centerpiece.

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