Making a feather tree

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Trees of a Feather Flocks Together
This Christmas it’s your turn to host the family’s get together and by the look of your tree, it’s not going to survive the ordeal. Your old Christmas tree looks tired, you thought to yourself as it sat crookedly in the middle of your living room. It’s surviving its fourth Christmas and you have to admit, it does look a bit sad with its branches barely hanging there and half of its leaves falling out. With one week left before Christmas, it’s going to be an impossible task to get a new tree to replace it. Then suddenly you remembered every Christmas your grandma used to have an antique feather tree sitting in her living room and it was so different from all the other trees, you would have thought it was a magical tree.

You can just drop by any antique stores or flea markets to get yourself one. But if you are feeling creative and crafty, these simple steps below can help spruce up your tree for Christmas.

Get yourself:

  • Cookie cutters in mitten shape
  • Fabric scraps
  • String

1. Draw the outline of the mitten on top of a folded fabric scrap by using the cookie cutter. Make sure the other side of the fabric is facing you.

2. Before cutting out the shape, sew the drawn line of the fabric but leave the cuff open. When you cut the fabric, allow a narrow seam tolerance beyond the line.

3. Hold onto the curves and turn the mitten inside out. Stitch the hem by holding the seams in place. Tie on pairs of mittens with the string to create hangers on your tree.

There you go. A unique Christmas tree that will surely demand attention from your guests once they set foot in your house.

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