Making Baby Food Jars Useful

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Baby food in bottles and jars has always been a staple choice for working and busy mothers to feed their babies. They choose baby food in jars for its easy storage, more variety flavor and save their time. Most likely, after the mother feed their baby, the jars will be thrown away. If you are a mother, or knowing that your family and friend still feeding baby with baby food in jars, don\’t throw the jars away. The jars can be recycle into many other usage, listed here are useful wonders that you can make with used baby jar food.

  • Arrange your sewing kit by using the jars as the storage. Put your thimble, needles, buttons, and mini spools of thread into these jars. You might not want to mix them up. So     the great way is by labeling each jar with name so when you finish using the sewing tools, there always place to store them accordingly. The lid itself can be used as the base for pincushion. Glue sponge or felt material on top of the lid and decorate with     ribbons around the rim to transforms it to pincushion.
  • The baby food jar could be also use as organizer in the bathroom. They can hold the toothbrushes and the toothpaste, shaver, tweezers, and make up brushes. Your cotton balls will also benefit from the jars, the lid will avoid the cotton buds expose from humidity inside of the bathroom.
  • The baby food jars works wonderful as candle holder. For a romantic evening or dinner with friends, fill the jar with a tea light to boost up the ambience. You can decorate the jars with acrylics paint with motives such as leaves, animals, and stars according to your creativity. Amaze your visitors with your own candle jars by adding wax and a wick into the jar. You can even add your favorite fragrance to your wax so you can make your own     scented candle in a jar.
  • You can turn these jars into addition of your workroom. You can nail the jar lids to a     shelf or wood plank. Make sure that there is space between the lids so it\’s easy to screw the jars onto the lids. Another reason is to avoid the jars of being jammed to each other which will make it difficult to unattached from the lid. The empty jars is great for small things such as nuts and bolts, and nails
  • Instead of using rocks for the pathways in your garden, and you can use the lids of the baby food jars. You save more cost than buying covers for your garden walkway. To make     your own unique and inexpensive walkway, you can bury the bottles with the lip on top     of the ground. You can create endless of creation as you can.
  • Spices can be also stored in the same way by making a spice rack. The spice rack steps are the same as the workroom rack. Or, you can use magnets to make your own magnetic spice rack. You will need to attach the magnet by using glue on the bottom of the jars.
  • Love salad but you just hate the messy part of making     the dressings? You can make the dressings and mix     them inside of the jar. That way, you can stay yourself clean and the dressings mix together better. The jars     will also useful for other condiments storage. Make sure the jars are labeled. The baby food jar also     looks marvelous as beverage     containers. You can impress your family and friends with cocktails served inside the jars.
  • It used to be filled with food for baby, but now you can fill them with your seeds from the botanical store or plants in your garden. For easy reference and findings of the seeds, you can stick a label with a picture and the name of the plants.
  • Reuse the jars as pot for planting. You can plant mini cactus or any suitable plants in a baby food jar. Only fill the jar with soil and plant your small plant. The easiest way is by clipping your plant and put it inside a jar filled with water.
  • Make your own snow globe with the jars. Glue your favorite ornaments such as mini house, porcelain dolls, Disney characters, Santa Claus and plastic flowers onto the lid. Fill the jars with water and add glitters or mini stars. Then, you can attach the jars and the     lid with the glued ornament to make your very own snow globe.

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