Decorating a contemporary Christmas tree

contemporary xmas tree []During Christmas celebrations, it is important for us to decorate and beautify our homes especially when you will be having guest coming to visit you during the holidays. Below is an example for decorating a contemporary Christmas tree for the coming festive season in a totally way. You can even say it is a work of art rather than the usual style Christmas tree and apart from displaying it in your cozy living room, it is also suitable for artistic apartments, retail space, office reception areas and even an art gallery.

What you need:
1.    Clear LED Christmas lights
2.    Scissors
3.    Roll of white organza
4.    Painted birch twigs
5.    Snowflakes
6.    Icicles
7.    Crystal beaded garlands
8.    Assortment of baubles
9.    Assorted larger baubles
10.    Wire (the wire can be purchased from florists either pre-cut or you can cut them according to your preferred size)

1.    First of all, you need to decorate the tree with the clear LED lights. Unwind the string of the lights carefully. These LED lights are a better option than regular fairy lights because if one of the LED bulbs goes out the rest will still work fine unlike the fairy lights. The LED lights are more expensive due to its energy sufficient, last longer and it is much safer as they stay cool when you touch it.
2.    You need to find the end of your string of lights and twist a piece of wire around the last bulb. In order to secure the lights to the tree, you have to wind the wire around the top of the tree. Be extra careful when using stool or a step ladder when attaching the LED lights to reach the top of the tree.
3.    After that, you need to separate the wires at intervals by pushing the branches of the tree between them making sure that the lights always stay in place.
4.    Take a roll of white organza and then you need to cut the fabric into half along the length of the material.
5.    You need to wind a piece of wire around the end of one strip of the White Organza and attach it to the top of the tree all the way down.
6.    Arrange the organza in a spiral form-like around the tree all the way to the bottom by placing one strip after another. After you have arrange the organza accordingly, you can tidy it up and then twist a piece of wire around it ends to enable it to be secured together with the tree.
7.    Use the white painted birch twigs and push it in between the branches of the tree for a beautiful wintry effect. The white painted birch twigs can purchased from any florist with what ever colour that you preferred.
8.    You can also hang some icicles and snowflakes on a few of the branches to add some winter atmosphere, spreading them evenly around the entire tree. You can also add some snowflakes from the top of the branches further in towards the tree trunk to add more depth to the decorations.
9.    Decorate beaded garlands on the tree between the other decorations, accordingly and spacing them evenly.
10.    Then hang some baubles by threading some wire through the bauble and twist it onto the tree branch. To provide winter-like theme, you can use clear glass and silver baubles. You can choose to hang the baubles either on the birch twigs or any other section of the tree in order to fill in any gaps on the tree which is still not decorated.

If you managed to decorate some of the ideas mentioned above, your home environment will definitely be in a very different mood with winter-like atmosphere.

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