Decorating candles for Festive Occasion

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During Christmas celebrations, it is important for us to decorate and beautify our homes especially when you will be having guest coming to visits you during the holidays. With beautiful decorations that managed to create a relaxing atmosphere during the festive season, every normal household would definitely like to spruce up their homes with nice aroma coming from scented candles. Each and every location of the house can be decorated with scented candles, from the living room, bed rooms and even the corner of the home. Candle has different shapes and sizes. There are also plain candles where you can decorate your own creative design on it for decoration or treat it as a wonderful gift to family members or friends. Below is an example for decorating candle during this festive season which is a candle that comes with artificial berries around the base of the crystal holder that matches the colour of the candle.

Candle with artificial berries:
What you need:

  1. Plain candles with no decorations
  2. Ribbons or cloth that can be cut into ribbons
  3. Artificial flowers
  4. Beads
  5. Seashells
  6. Crafting pins
  7. Crafting wire

When you are trying to decorate candles with beads, the first thing to do is purchase craft pins. After that, you need to take the craft pin through the bead’s hole and then insert it to the candle. Try doing this with several pin with beads and make a pattern of your own.

Pins and beads to decorate candles
The other way of decorating candles with beads is to string your beads on beading wire and then wrap the wire with the beads around your candle. This kind of decoration will also make your candle look beautiful especially if you use colourful beads.

Beads around candle
You can also decorate your candles using craft pins for attaching artificial flowers to the outside of the candle. Chose a candle with a particular scent that you preferred and if you can match the flower together with the scent of the candle would be a great move, or even match with its colour.

Artificial flowers attached to candle
You can also use decorative seashells and attached them to the outside of your candle. You can do this by using a lighter to melt down a bit the outside of your candle and then pushing your shell into the bit of wax that is soft. When the wax hardens, the candle will hold the decorated shell without falling off.

Decorative seashells candle
Other decorations that you can do are by using ribbons and other decorative cloth items such as pre-made bows which can also be a great way to decorate candles. Try to compliment the colours of the candle in conjunction with some colourful beads or shells that will provide a very attractive candle for your decoration. It is a simple task to do, just tie the ribbon around the candle or attach the bow by pinning them in place with a few decorative craft pins and beads is all you have to do.

Candles with ribbons and bows
If you managed to decorate some of the ideas mentioned above, your home environment will definitely be in a very different mood and more relaxing, thus making the Christmas celebration a more joyful occasion this year.

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