Creating ornaments in your own way

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What would our Christmas tree be without decorations and what would decorations be without ornaments. Now, don\’t let your budget crisis holds you from letting your Christmas tree a cry down for. You can try by taking simple stuffs and make them become the kind of decorations you can use for holidays like Christmas just like these ideas below.

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Balls made of glass in different colors
Have a change in the usual colored holiday balls that you use. This is the time where you put your creativity to use by using different methods such as spraying or painting, you can change the look of these ornaments. To make them even more interesting, try sampling different kinds of decorations on them such as your worn-out jewels, stickers and many other interesting stuffs. Things that can help you in this activity would be glitter paints, different kinds of coatings, glue, glitter, braids, ribbons, paints and other objects that would great on these glass balls. It would be fun to see the outcome of your creativity on these glass balls.

Snowflake Tree
This is an interesting project that you can try with your kids in tow. Now only do you have to try something that you did when you were a kid but this little project would definitely turn out to be a time well-spent with your kids. Folded paper snowflakes are nice and cute decorations and at the same time, they add a homely touch. These decorations can either be made flatly or in any other size that you would want it to be. Colors, would depend on how you want them to be. Kids would most likely want something glittery on their paper snowflakes. To make it even more interesting, use pieces of cotton and paste them with a little glue of the paper snowflakes.

Oh So Glittery!!
Who doesn’t like to play around with glitter? Glitter adds beauty to whatever we put it on. In order for the glitter to stay put on the ornament, use some glue first. With a small painting brush, brush some glue into the spot where the glitter would be. After putting in the glue, shower some glitter into those spots. The advantage with this is that you can create different patterns with the paint brush and light them up by adding glitter on them. After the glitter has been put in, leave it for a while to be dried off so that it doesn’t get messed up. Glitter is fun to play with but can become a mess if not used properly. It is very simple to use it but remember first, to use glue so that the glitter will be rightly placed on the ornaments.

Put your old tea set to use
Do you have old sets of tea cups and saucers around that you don’t know what to do of them or where do put them? This section of our diy ornaments teaches you how to put these old tea cups sets to good use. You need to have enough wax or something even stronger like clay. By using either one, attach your tea cups to their saucers. Make sure it’s strongly attached as you might be use them to hang around your Christmas tree so to avoid any accidents from occurring, make sure the tea cups are tightly stuck to their individual saucers. After that, you use the tea cups’ handles to tie a wire or strong ribbon then make sure all is tightly fit in. Lastly, hang your tea cups proudly on your Christmas tree. It is slightly not usual to have tea cups and saucers on a Christmas tree but if you are in for a change this Christmas then what better than this.

Using Peppermint
This is an activity to die for. Why, because it involves candies and that too, peppermint candies. These are not normal candies but candy canes. We will use these peppermint candy canes as ornaments in this section. Get a cling paper ready with some glue, as usual. It is important to wrap the peppermint candy well in the cling paper as it is sugar and if not wrapped carefully, it can get messy with ants involved. The wrapped product can be stuck onto something solid but if the candy cane is strong by itself then let it be. Involving your kids in this project would be fun as what kid doesn’t love candy but when it comes to peppermint candy, who knows!

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