Making a Statement Bib Necklace out of Old Wrapping Paper and Greeting Cards

Bib Necklace


  1. Figure out a theme you want for your statement necklace. You can have Christmas trees, Snowmen and snowflakes for Christmas; Flags and stars for 4th of July; or Jack O\’lanterns and witches for Halloween. Alternatively, you can also make statement necklaces to reflect your mood or to match your clothes. For this example, we will be using Christmas greeting cards and wrapping papers.
  2. You will need a piece of felt as your canvas. Cut out a crescent shaped piece out of green or red felt. The size of the crescent is entirely up to you. You may want to glue on a few layers so that your bib will be able to keep its form. Alternatively, you can also substitute the felt piece with thin coloured foam padding easily available from stationary stores or craft shops.
  3. Punch a whole on both ends of the crescent and thread a piece of ribbon approximately 6 inches in length into each hole. This will allow you to tie the necklace on easily later.
  4. Next, cut out Christmas trees, Snowmen, snowflakes, white doves, wreaths, mistletoes and any other pictures from old wrapping paper, greeting cards, or even magazines.
  5. Arrange all of them onto your piece of felt or foam padding. It is not necessary to keep your pictures within the crescent shape. Try overlapping them and going over the edges for a more creative look.
  6. Once you are happy with the arrangement, glue them on with a glue gun. Alternatively, you may also stick foam padded double sided tape at the back of the pictures before sticking them onto the felt piece. This will give it a three-dimensional feel to your necklace. Besides that, using this method, you will also e able to create different effects when you overlap one picture over another.
  7. You now have a completed statement bib necklace.
  8. For a more versatile necklace, you may also try sticking your pictures onto felt pieces and cutting them out according to their shape. Glue on the scratchy side of Velcro tape onto the back of the picture. You can make a whole bunch of these pictures which you can stick onto your bib necklace and remove for more variety. Once you find that your Velcro tape does not hold on to the felt piece as well anymore, you can always make a new bib.
  9. Besides using picture cut outs, you may also sew embellishments onto your bib necklace, including buttons, sequins, labucci, or even old broken pendants and brooches.
  10. For epaulets, cut out smaller pieces of felt or foam padding in odd shapes, approximately half the size of your bib. Sew on a big safety pin on one side and you will have another blank canvas to work on.

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