Rainwater Harvesting


The next time it rains, don\’t let nature\’s gift run right pass your fingers and straight into the ground. Rainwater harvesting is a very simple way of conserving nature\’s most precious resource. You do not necessarily need big and expensive equipment to do so. All you need is some creativity.


  1. Rain Barrels

    Instead of using a water cistern, consider purchasing a big barrel that you can later on modify for catching rainwater. Alternatively, you can also use clean, trash bins which are cheaper although they may not be as durable as they cannot withstand pressure well. If you have decided to use a barrel, always remember to keep it close to avoid dirt from falling into it and to avoid mosquitoes from breeding. Besides that, the barrel should also be closed at all times for safety reasons such as to avoid children from falling into them. You can also modify the barrel by adding in a tap near the base for easy access to the water inside.

  2. Gutters

    In the long run, consider modifying your gutters to ensure that the water you capture is clean. Also, an extension can be fixed to the gutters on your roof to direct water right into your water cistern or rain barrel.

  3. Buckets

    The best thing about harvesting water is that it is so easy. Start small by putting out old buckets right below the gutter where rainwater fall is heaviest. You can later on use this water to wash your car, water the plants as well as other chores.

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