Making Drum Ornament for your Christmas Tree

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Among the most iconic Christmas decorations are the drum-shaped ornaments. Save your sweat because you don’t need to search antiques stores and flea market to drum up your own set.  These drum-shaped ornaments decorations will work out harmoniously if you display them among other music-themed ornaments. Double the treat by filling inside the drums some cookies, truffles or other small treats and they works great as party favors. Here how you can make your own drum-shaped ornaments;

Materials you need:

  • Various sizes of plain wooden boxes that you can find in craft stores
  • Festive ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissor


  • Decorate the plain wooden boxes by attaching patterned ribbon around the bases and lids with craft glue. For the 3 inch wide box as shown in the image , a 1 inch wide ribbon glued around the base.
  • Cut a length of thin ribbon and glue each end to the inside lip of the box lid to create a strap for hanging the ornament.
  • If you want to put cookies or candies inside of the boxes, line their interiors with decorative paper cupcake liners.

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