Setting your home up for Christmas

During Christmas celebrations, it is important for us to decorate and beautify our homes especially when you will be having guest coming to visits you during the holidays. With beautiful decorations that managed to create a relaxing and eye-catching atmosphere during the festive season, every normal household would definitely like to clean-up and decorates their homes with shimmering Christmas ornaments and lights which is the usual fare during this occasion. Each and every location of the house will be decorated with Christmas ornaments, from doors to the fire place, living room, bed rooms and even the corner of the home. Below are some décor ideas enabling you to decide what to decorate during this festive season.

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Beautifying your home for Christmas:
What you need:

  1. Christmas stockings
  2. Large pinecones
  3. Christmas ornaments
  4. Christmas tree with lights
  5. Christmas books
  6. Christmas wall wreath
  7. Scented candles
  8. Variety of gift-wrap boxes
  9. Flower decorations for centrepiece
  10. Fruit basket
  11. White plain table cloth for dining table
  12. Christmas garlands
  13. Evergreen twigs, mistletoes, and poinsettias


  1. First of all you need to hang collections of hand-knitted Christmas stockings on the fireplace mantle. To make them look even more festive, stuff them with small

Hand-knitted Christmas stockings
Hand-knit Christmas stocking []

  1. You can look for two large pinecones (or even more) and then, paint them with gold and silver paint before binding them over with a ribbon (after the paint is dried completely). This decoration can be hang on the doorknobs, windows, or stair rails.

Large pinecones
Large Pinecone []

  1. You can also dress-up or decorate indoor plants with small and beautiful Christmas ornaments, plus putting icicle shaped white lights inside the bushes of the plant to make it even livelier.

Christmas ornaments
christmas ornaments []

  1. Powder room can also be decorated with Christmas décor for example just by putting up a string of white lights around the mirror.
  1. You can also use a pre-lit miniature Christmas tree as a centre piece for your dining table or just put it in the corner of your living room.

Pre-lit Christmas tree
Christmas Tree []

  1. You can also display collection of Christmas books on a side table at your kids room and giving them some \’holiday look\’ with a little bit of Christmas mood by putting some ornaments besides it.
  2. Christmas wall wreath can also be placed in every room, even better if you could get it decorated with fresh flowers.

Christmas wall wreath
Green and blue wreath []

  1. Place scented candles with decorative candelabrum as a centre piece on your dining table, on the side table of your bedroom or on top of your fire place which certainly spread the holiday mood along with a romantic feeling as well.
  2. Make an attractive Christmas gift pillar in a vacant corner of your home by pilling up a variety of medium-sized gift boxes (with attach bows and ribbons).

Variety gift-wrap colored boxes
Gift Set []

  1. Use Christmas roses with a combination of red and white, carnations, and white daisies for your floral decorations, then place the flower vases with freshly cut flowers or dip the flowers in a crystal bowl half-filled with clear water, making it a stunning centerpiece for your dining or coffee table.

Flower centre piece
center piece []

  1. Create a Christmas fruit basket filled with variety of fruits such as fresh oranges, pomegranate, and apples that can serves as an attractive centerpiece for your dining table.

Fruit basket
Basket of Fruit []

  1. Cover your main table with a white plain tablecloth that comes with Christmas design and also good collection of China wares.
  2. Your doorframes and window frames will have a different look with the right chosen decorated garlands.
  3. Evergreen twigs, mistletoes, and poinsettias should also be used for your Christmas home decorations to spruce up the environment of your home.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Men OR Top 10 Gift Ideas fro Women

Hopefully with all the above ideas, you will be enjoying decorating your home during this festive season.

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