Making Easy Table Decorations for Thanksgiving

In order to create an easy table decoration for Thanksgiving into your house, you should be using autumn colors, fall foliage, and colorful fruits of the fall seasons so that you will be having an impressive Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece table. Other items that you can use are natural things that relate to the season and also some recycle items or you can even purchase a few items from your local craft store.

What you need to do:

  1. Traditional cornucopia centerpiece
  2. Autumn flower arrangement
  3. Autumn-colored candles
  4. Wooden or rustic metal candleholders
  5. Fall leaves and nuts
  6. Fall foliage, wheat sprigs, clusters of berries, nuts, mini pumpkins and seasonal vegetables
  7. Hollowed-out pumpkin
  8. Tablecloth, table runner, place mats and napkins with autumn-themed design
  9. Display your good china or dishes with autumn design
  10. Autumn leaves
  11. Hot glue gun
  12. Card stock
  13. Scissors
  14. Grapevine wreath or Autumn wreath



  1. First of all, you can make or buy a suitable autumn-themed or Thanksgiving centerpiece for example a traditional cornucopia centerpiece or even by creating an autumn flower arrangement. You can also spread out some fall leaves and nuts around your centerpiece area for a more natural look and atmosphere. A lovely bowl can also be used as your centerpiece, which you can make it full with herbs, special fall foliage, tiny pumpkin and mini gourds or small pieces of any beaded fruits, then also adding in some twigs and maybe some tiny branches for more of this season’s feeling. For a simple type of centerpiece, you can arrange different sizes of candles right in the center of the table in dining room along with fall branches beneath the candles or even use berry vines.
  2. Another option that you can use is the autumn-colored candles placed in wooden or rustic metal candleholders. This is an appropriate decoration for your dinner table or you can even use as your centerpiece along with some arrangement of fall foliage, wheat sprigs, clusters of berries, nuts, and mini pumpkins, plus also other seasonal vegetables placed within the centerpiece base.
  3. Your fall floral centerpiece can be placed in a large, hollowed-out pumpkin along with scattered sprigs of wheat, clusters of berries, nuts and autumn leaves at the base of your pumpkin vase. Besides that, you can also cut the above of a pumpkin (medium-sized) off and deep in the inside content of the pumpkin.
  4. Then, cut one or two tiny holes at the bottom of it for drainage purposes before you start to insert a plant (preferable in a small pot) and display it on the table in the dining room. Always remember to bring the pumpkin outside your house when you want to water the potted plant in order for the water to drain properly before placing it back again on your table.
  5. Decorate your Thanksgiving table with a tablecloth, table runner, place mats and napkins that comes with autumn-themed prints and coordinating solid design. Try to avoid using prints with lots of design so that it will not take away the attention on your existing centerpiece.
  6. Decorate your napkin rings so that it reflects the fall season such as by using hand-paint leaves onto plain wooden napkin rings or if you do not have one, you can purchase a similar motif napkin rings.
  7. You can also create napkin rings from acorns or other nature items. Just simply cut a piece of colored card stock using different colors such as yellow, orange or brown into a 2-inch strip.
  8. Then, make the strip at least 6-inch long like a ring-shaped loop and staple it. Next, you take your acorns other fall foliage and glue them to the napkin rings by using glue. Leave the napkin rings to thoroughly dry before you place your napkins inside the rings.
  9. You may also decorate the Thanksgiving table with your good china or dishes that have autumn motifs along with suitable colors matching the other elements used for the table decorations.
  10. Apart from that, you can use autumn leaves that you have cleaned and make it as place cards and write your guest’s name on the leaf by using a black or gold felt-tip pen. Once done with writing down the names on the leaf, place each of the leaf right in the middle of each dinner plate on your table.
  11. Place cards can also be made from card stock, according to your preferred size and shapes, where you can fold in half enabling the place cards to sit up on its own on your table. You can design it with a Thanksgiving stamp or autumn-themed stickers and then write your guest’s name on the cards using a thin-tipped black marker or adhesive letter stickers. There is also a variety of printable place card templates that you can download from the internet.

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