Ideas for Decorating Your Kitchen for Christmas

One of the rooms in your house that you should never forget to decorate during Christmas is the kitchen room especially if you are spending a lot of your time in the room preparing for your Thanksgiving feast. If you think about it most people tend to forget to decorate their kitchens during festive season.

Even if you are so busy preparing your holiday gifts, planning Thanksgiving gathering and also other things related to the occasions, you must not forget to decorate your kitchen because it is the heart of your home and it also needs to be addressed according to the Thanksgiving theme.

What you need to do:

  1. Christmas decorations like Santas and reindeer theme, snowmen and snowflakes, Victorian-style decorations, or just a simple red and green colors
  2. Good china ware or dishes
  3. Christmas placemats
  4. Simple Christmas floral arrangement centerpiece
  5. Miniature Christmas tree
  6. Christmas-themed dish towels
  7. Christmas ornaments
  8. Scented candles



  1. First of all, you must have Christmas theme decorations, which is suitable for your kitchen area, for example some of the decorations that you could use are Santas and reindeer theme, snowmen and snowflakes, Victorian-style decorations, or just simple red and green colors. After deciding on the theme, you have to find the decorations that you want to use that suits the one theme that you have chosen.
  2. If you have a table in your kitchen, you can set the table using holiday set pieces suitable for Christmas or place your dishes or chinaware on top of beautifully Christmas design placemats, in order for them to stand out.
  3. You can also make or purchase a simple centerpiece that you can place right in the middle of the table. The centerpiece can be a Christmas floral arrangement or just a simple miniature Christmas tree either real or artificial that would look nice in your kitchen room. You can wrap a string of white or colored lights to the tree and hang mini utensils along with red and green ribbons onto the miniature tree.
  4. Decorate your centerpiece together with a dish of presents where you can wrap small boxes with same size or variety of sizes with Christmas paper. Then, arrange the presents on a serving dish or your decorative dinner plate and you can also surround it with tea lights.
  5. Apart from that, you could also hang a few Christmas-themed dish towels that you place on your racks or hooks. The Christmas-themed dishes towels can either be purchased from your local stores or you can make your own with your family, according to your preferred customized design. You can try to choose the same color that matches with the rugs on your floor and also your potholders for your kitchen counter. Usually the normal colors that are used during Christmas are plain white, red or green while the fabric used should consist of fabric paint and stamps that enables you to create nicely blend patterns on the towels.
  6. Christmas ornaments can also be added to your cabinet and door handles, which are not easily breakable. These ornaments can also be hanged on a ribbon to the top of your kitchen window and allows it to hang to the centre of that particular window. This ribbon can be used for hanging Christmas ornaments starting from the end of the ribbon. You can also use just one wide ribbon or even a few small ribbons along with the ornaments attached at the bottom of each one of your ribbon.
  7. If your kitchen is fitted with the top kitchen cabinets, you can use it to display pine boughs. You can use either an artificial that you buy from your local stores or even use real pine boughs, which you can wrapped with an artificial poinsettias, Christmas ornaments, sprigs of holly and bows and strings of white or colored lights.
  8. Scented candles can be placed around your kitchen room to provide a nice and encouraging festive smell for your Christmas mood. Some of the recommended scents that you can use are cinnamon, vanilla, pine or if you are lucky enough you will be able to find ‘Christmas’-scented candles on sale at your local store nearby. These are just proposed scents. If you fancy any then it is better to add those too. But, nevertheless if you are one of those who can’t take scent smells then it is better to leave a natural atmosphere.
  9. If your kitchen is fitted with a chandelier, you can make it even more beautiful with Christmas ornaments. Try to look for ornaments which are suitable for your kitchen so that you can hang them on the arms of your chandelier and you can also use colored strings such as silver, gold or green garland to spice up your lighting fixtures. Remember not to go overboard when it comes to ornaments.

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