Removing a Fluorescent Tube

Almost every household in the world uses fluorescent lights because it provides a lot of light especially during the night and uses less electricity. The fluorescent lights is also like any other bulb, which needs to be replaced after a long time of usage and if the bulb is burned-out. The fluorescent bulbs work once you insert it into your light’s connector, which is known as tombstones due to its design. There is one slot for removing the fluorescent bulbs and installing it. You will notice when your bulbs need to be replaced when there is a dark or smoky-colored ends on your fluorescent bulbs. You can look for your fluorescent bulbs replacement from your local hardware stores and home-improvement centers.

What you need to do:

  1. Fluorescent Lightbulbs
  2. Ladders
  3. Phillips-head screwdriver

Fluorescent Tube


  1. First of all, you should remember to always take extra safety precautions by turning off the light switch connected to the fluorescent light fixture when you are working or troubleshooting the light.
  2. If your light fixture is using a cover, you need to remove the cover first and some of the types of covers just need you to simply snap it in and out or even slide off, and other fixtures should be having two small screws on each of its end that requires you to use a Phillips-head screwdriver. This is really easy to undergo once you know how you know how to properly do it.
  3. The next step is for you to place your hands on each of your fluorescent bulb and let your thumbs be under the bulb. Try to hold the bulb in a horizontal position, and rotate the bulb towards yourself using your thumbs. Once you feel that the bulb is loose, gently pull the bulb’s right end through its notch on the right of the connector. After that, you need to pull the left side of the bulb the same way you did with the right side of the connector.
  4. Once done, you have to check whether there are any darkness spot at the end of the bulb. If there is some darkness, then definitely the bulb is burnt and needs to be replaced with a new bulb.
  5. As for doing installation for a new fluorescent bulb, you need to do the reversal order of the removal method mentioned above.
  6. You must always make sure that when installing the new fluorescent bulb into the socket after doing the rotation of the bulb with a quarter-turn in a counterclockwise motion, you should be hearing the bulb producing a click sound, which means that it is in place and securely in its socket.
  7. Finally, after you finish installing the new fluorescent bulb, you need to test your light switch whether it is working properly or not.

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