Making tray liner using holiday paper

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Instead of throwing away the holiday papers, collect and use them for this easy craft for making tray liner. The decorated holiday paper will be a good addition for the New Year\’s party decoration. You can use any holiday paper that you like as long the paper is clean and neat. Metallic paper will give extra glamour and fun to the tray for serving drinks and foods. So start searching for the previous holiday paper to make this craft. It\’s a fun and great way to recycle your holiday paper and save more money. Get started with it.

Materials and tools you need:
Holiday paper scraps, serving tray, scissors, clear laminated card (optional), double side tape, pencil.

How to make:
First, measure the interior base of a serving tray that you desire. You can place the tray on the paper and trace the base shape of the tray by using pencil. Cut the paper using sharp scissors along the pencil line. If the paper creases, use a low temperature iron and apply it slowly on the back of the paper to remove the creases.

Then, insert the paper into the tray and secure with double tape if needed. For longer wear and protect the paper from getting wet, place a laminated clear card with the same size of the tray liner. The tip for cutting the clear card is by cutting it slightly smaller to allow it fit the edges of the tray.

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