Making your own Fall paper wreath

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Celebrate the autumnal season with this beautiful and easy to make wreath from paper craft.  This wreath can use for the door wreath or the walls on your house. It will definitely bring the ambience you needed for the coming thanksgivings. This decoration can be hung for the next year fall due to the materials usage that cans lasts longer. All you have to do after using it, place the wreath in a closed cardboard box until you want to use it in next year. The variety of brownish hues from the craft paper makes this wreath look vivid and real like you‘re using the real fall leaves. You can find these papers in any craft or hardware store. You can also ask your children to help you in this fun craft project. Here how to make your own paper wreath for the fall decoration;

Materials and tools you need:
Craft paper (brown, orange and yellow hues), wreath form (craft store), brown ribbon, stapler, fine- tip scissors or craft scissors.

How to make:
First, cut strips of brown craft paper within size of 1 ½ inch wide. Wrap the strips around the wreath form to cover and secure the wrapping by using staple. The bigger your wreath size, the more craft paper you need to cover the wreath form.

Cut several rectangles from the brown, yellow and orange craft papers. The size of the rectangle depends on how big you want your leaves is. Fold the craft paper into accordion style. By using fine tip scissors or craft scissors, cut the multiple fold craft paper to make the leaves. If you want create neat cut out, draw the paper with half leaves template before cutting it.

You can use different craft paper texture or finishes to jazzes up your wreath leaves. For example, you can use metallic paper to give shines to your wreath. There is no limit to your creativity, so experiment with different craft papers.

Using fine tip scissors, cut out the single leaves. To make the curved shape for the leaves, simply pinch the leaves gently.  Start creating the wreath by using staple to stick the paper leaves to the wrapped wreath form. Create the leaves wreath by placing one leaves overlapping another leaves until all the wreath form covered by the paper leaves.

Finally, decorate your paper wreath by using bow made from ribbon. Choose brownish colored ribbon to compliment the paper wreath colors.

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