Method for Folding Laundry


In order to maintain your clothing and other fabrics crisp and wrinkle free, you have to learn the right method of folding your laundry. Properly folding the laundry will help you create more compact fabrics and at the same time open up more spaces inside your dresser drawers as well as the closets. It also helps you create much more organized laundry area before you store them much easier rather than piling them in a heap. Learning to fold your laundry properly will definitely assist you in storing the clothes into your drawers and shelves neatly. Below are some of the tips that you can learn in order to fold laundry the right way and once you managed to get use to it, you would be able to fold your laundry much faster and efficiently.

To fold laundry, you need to:

  • Make your shirts, casual jackets, sweater, t-shirts and blouses look tidy and neat
  • Pants and shorts should be able to be stored in a dresser drawer
  • Skirts and dresses should be fold nicely to be stored either in a dresser or suitcase
  • Join socks and roll them up
  • Fold underpants into half and thirds
  • Fold pillowcases thirds lengthwise and crosswise
  • Fold towels in thirds lengthwise

Folding Techniques

Method for Folding Laundry

  • The proper way of folding laundry such as shirts, casual jackets, sweater, t-shirts and blouses is to make them look tidy and neat.
    • If you have button-down shirts, make sure to button all the top, middle and bottom buttons.
    • Start folding by laying the shirts facing down where you need to fold both sides of the shirt in half while the sleeves should be aligned with its side folded.
    • For any shirt that has a tail, you have to fold the tail of the shirt to cuffs allowing you to form a straight line across the bottom. Then, you need to fold the shirt either in half or into thirds crosswise depending on the shirt’s size.
  • You need to fold pants and shorts properly so that they could be stored in a dresser drawer. Firstly, align the inseams and outer-seams of the legs before folding them in half in order to form a crease right at the front center of the legs.
    • Next, you need to run the crease right to the top of your pants before joining the front waist pleats. After that, you can fold any front placket in.
    • Apart from that, you can also hang your pants or shorts with a sturdy hanger.
    • Use a thick paper guard and fold it over the bar of your hanger. Then, fold your pants or shorts over the bar.
    • You can even hang pants or shorts using their cuffs simply by clipping it onto the trouser hanger.

    Always fold your laundry on a table at least waist high so that you do not have to bend over every time you want to fold your laundry thus reducing the pain that might occur to your back and joints. This technique also helps you fold your laundry much faster.

  • You can also fold skirts and dresses nicely so that it could be placed into a dresser or even inside a suitcase.
    • Before you start to fold your skirt, you must close the zippers, plackets and also lay the skirt front down. Then, you need to fold its side’s right into the middle and start to fold the skirt in half or crosswise into thirds. This will depend on the size of your skirts.
    • If you want to fold a dress, make sure that you close all buttons or zippers before laying it front down. Then, the top need to be fold similar to what you did to a shirt. Next, proceed by folding the bottom right at its waist.
    • As for longer dress, you should fold the bottom right up to the knees before continuing to the waist.
  • Socks should be joined together so that they would not get jumbled up inside your drawers. Lay one sock evenly on top of the other before you start to roll them together starting from the toes.
    • Once you reached the ribbing, you need to pull the top of the outside sock over the entire roll in order to avoid the ribbing to be stretched.
    • Then, you must align the socks and pull the ribbing of the outside sock over the ribbing of the second or you can just align the socks and roll them up together without folding the ribbing at all.
    • In order to fold your underpants, you must set them facing down before you start to fold them in half and continue folding it into thirds.
  • As for folding a flat sheet, you need to stretch it out wrong side up on top of a bed or table.
    • Next, you have to fold the sheet into half crosswise three times in order to create neat folds. Then, you need to fold it in half lengthwise three times by folding its hems together first followed by the fold to the hem and one more time the fold to the hem.
    • If you are using fitted sheet, you must lay it flat with its underside of the sheet’s center facing you while the right side of its corners also facing you. After that, you can fold the sheet in half crosswise and tuck its top corners right into the bottom corners. Next step is to fold the sheet in half lengthwise making sure that you align its entire corner together before folding the sheet in half alongside the length before continuing with two more folds crosswise.
  • You should fold pillowcases in thirds lengthwise and crosswise while towels can be folded in thirds lengthwise manner.
    • After that, you can fold them in half crosswise.
    • If you have large towels, you can even fold them in thirds crosswise.

    Always remember that whenever you want to fold your laundry

    • Make sure to take out your clothes out of your dryer as soon as you finished your laundry task. This is to avoid your clothes from getting wrinkles if it is left to sit in the dryer for long period of time.
    • Whenever you want to fold jeans or slacks you can simply lay them flat with its zipper positioned centered in front before you fold them in half and match up the legs. Then, pull the crotch seem outward in order for it to lay flat again. After that, fold it in half by bringing the waist right to its hem or its ankle. This technique should be repeated in order to get your jeans and slacks to rest neatly in a semi-square shape. Another method to use is by skipping the last fold and place the jean or slack on a sturdy hanger.

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