Learn How to Dry Clothes on Hangers


In order to reduce the usage of your electricity bills, it is wise for you to consider using hangers to dry all your clothes. You will find that clothes hangers are designed with various types of strengths, materials and shapes simply to cater every need of your laundry requirements in terms of drying the clothes. By having thicker hangers, you would be able to minimize your clothes from producing unsightly stretch and lines. As for thinner hangers, it is much more suitable for drying clothes that does not need to go over the hanger. Always remember to use clothespins and all the method for drying clothes can assist you in saving money.

To dry clothes on hangers, you need:

  • Wardrobe flanges
  • Wardrobe pole
  • Hanging support flange
  • Buckets
  • Clothespins

Drying Clothes on Hangers

Learn How to Dry Clothes on Hangers

  • The first thing that you need to do is to have a strong that would be suitable enough to hang your hangers.
    • In order to support the hangers, you need to attach wardrobe flanges right onto two opposing walls.
    • Make sure that the flanges are placed at an appropriate level of your walls so that you would be able to provide appropriate length for drying longer clothes.
    • Then, you need to insert the ends of a wardrobe pole right into these flanges.
    • If you find that the length between your two walls exceeding 6 feet, you have to screw a hanging support flange into your ceiling. This technique is to make sure that the pole would not bend whenever you are drying lots of wet laundry.
  • If you want to dry sheets and towels, you must fold a sheet or a towel until it is narrow and managed to fit through the hanger’s triangle.
    • You must thread your sheet or towel through it until its length is centered and look evenly on the hanger. Make sure that both ends are even with one another.
    • If you want to minimize water from dripping or reducing its weight, you can simply wring out the towels and sheets before you place them on hangers.

    Always remember to set a bucket beneath your towels or sheets enabling the bucket to catch any of the dripping water when you dry them inside your house. If you are drying them outdoor, you do not have to use the buckets.

  • If you are drying lightweight clothes, you can simply use clothespins especially if you want to hold socks and underwear on your hangers.
    • Do not fold jeans over your hanger. The right way is to hang them from your hanger using your clothespin. By doing this way, you would be able to dry your jeans much faster.
    • As for button-up shirts, you need to hang them over your hanger and make sure that you button up the top button of your shirts so that you can maintain it on your hanger.
    • In order to hang heavy jackets, you need to use two hangers and make sure to button or zip them up so that it will not fall off.
    • As for dresses, it can be hung using dryers along with clothespins so that you would be able to hold them in place. In order not to damage the dress fabric, you have to wrap the tips of the clothespin using shrink-wrap.

    Always push your hanger up from inside up through your T-shirts. DO NOT put your hanger right through your shirt’s neck because it will stretch the T-shirts and also stretch its elastic too much.

  • Always allow more air to get into and between the articles of your clothes when you are drying them on the hanger. The more air that you allow, the better it will be.
    • If you dry your clothes on hangers inside your house, make sure that you set up an oscillating fan in order for you to speed up the process of drying the clothes.
    • If you have warm temperatures, the condition can help you dry your clothes much faster. You can even turn up the thermostat to 70 degrees Fahrenheit enabling you to decrease drying times. Make sure that you allow enough spaces between each hanger or at least 6 inches of space.

    Always remember that whenever you want to dry clothes on hangers

    • Especially if you are drying outside your house, make sure that you use clothespins for holding towels and sheets on your hanger.

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