Reusing Your Old Wood


You can safe the world by reclaiming or reuse any of the old wood that you can find within your house. Apart from being able to go green, you can also create unique aesthetic environment for your interior along with eco-friendly qualities. Old wood is becoming a highly sought-after item due to the recycle lumber capable of assisting you in decorating your house interior. For those of you who have a patina of old hardwood, you would be able to create a rustic or add it to your living room for a more elegant look such as making it as a table or bench for a unique touch to your décor. You can get many ideas in order to safe most of the old wood which is still in good condition that you find within your house or surrounding rather than leaving them to rot in your local landfill. Below are some tips and guidance for you to reuse your old wood.


To reuse old wood, you need:

  • Use reclaimed wood as the center attraction
  • Use reclaimed lumber for your house flooring
  • Use old wood for replacing your existing siding
  • Use large reclaimed timbers to create your ceiling beams


Reuse Old Wood

Reusing Your Old Wood

  • The first thing that you can do is to create a center piece décor in your house from reclaimed wood’s patina.
    • You can attach any of your stunning old wood together with a large center piece which is still functional not only to you but also to your family. It can be use as an attention-grabbing display for your guest to appreciate its uniqueness whenever they drop by your house.
    • For instance, you can make use of gnarled branches as chandeliers or use a root ball for the base of your table or even make use of scraps that you find at any job site for panel and hang them at your guestroom walls.


  • Then, you can also use antique pieces or souvenirs that you collected whenever you go on vacation from all around the world.
    • These items can be incorporated along with your existing furniture.
    • Once sample of antique pieces or souvenirs that you can use is the hand-carved angels that you buy in Mexico. The item is suitable if you place them on top of your fireplace setting.
    • Meanwhile, if you have old wood carvings that come from the United Kingdom, you can place it right in front of your house door.


  • Old wood can also be reuse for making flooring for your house. It helps you in adding a touch of character to your flooring that even newer types of woods could not matched.
    • In order to make the flooring, you can purchase directly from any nearby old barns or industrial buildings as well as make use of any unused large wooden structure.
    • The unused large wooden structure can be re-milled and turned them into large; wide-plank flooring that you can use to enhanced your house interior.

  • If you have Altruwood’s antique oak flooring, it can be reclaimed and provide you with character details like nail holes created by people from up to hundred years back used for the first time during those eras.

  • Another thing about reclaimed wood is that you can create an environmental impression and add more nature look to your interior surrounding.
    • In addition, we would be able to save the environment and our Earth instead of dumping them at the garbage site.

  • One more thing that you can use for your old wood is to use it for your siding.
    • You can create a unique reclaimed siding out of your old wood in order to add an extremely fascinating interior for your house.

  • If you have large reclaimed timbers which are still in good condition, you can make use of it as your house ceiling beams.
    • This nice setting would be able to create an atmosphere just like the mountain lodge that can find in the Alps or even like an old Tuscan farmhouse.


  • If you look around your house, you can also find old wood that be reused or even wood furnishings that you can reclaimed so that it can look more refresh just like a new one.
    • For instance, floorboards taken from your old gymnasiums can be use as a coffee table. The free-throw line markings on the floorboards will definitely add a unique look to your coffee table when you are entertaining your guest for a cup of tea.

    For a more creative look, you can also make use of railroad ties as your dining sets and also make use of any old wine barrels for your serving platters.

    Always remember that whenever you want to reuse old wood

    • Make sure to avoid the usage of old paint over the reused wood. Even if you think that you can create nice look once it is finished the wood might contain lead which is not good for your health.
    • With the help of modern technology, you would be able to print photographs on your old wood flooring. In addition, it can also be one of your side incomes if you want to sell them or just use them as décor or wall hangings in your house.
    • Thin strips of reclaimed redwood can also be use to make neck ties.


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