Planting Oriental Lilies Seeds

Gardening is a fun activity to do, but there\’s a lot that we have to know before we plunge into this nice hobby. For those of us who love gardening, we constantly think of new plans and thoughts to make our garden pretty and admirable. We tend to choose the prettiest of plants so that the colors would complement the garden.

Oriental Lilies Seeds

Lilies plants are so popular among florists and gardeners as they have hundreds of variety such as Trumpet, Oriental Lily and Martagon. Stargazers are among the varieties for the Oriental Lily itself and probably the most widely known in the world of gardening. These flowers are popular in floral bouquets. It is not a complicated work to plant Oriental Lilies if you have the right guides and tools. Here\’s how to plant oriental lilies.

You will need:

  1. Oriental lily seeds
  2. Zip-top bag
  3. Charcoal,
  4. Potting soil
  5. Compost
  6. Glass of water
  7. Perlite
  8. Potting containers


  1. First, put the lily seeds in a glass of water. Change the water every day for five days straight and keep it at room temperature. After five days, remove the seeds from the glass by discarding the water and placing them inside a zip-top bag. Add some damp perlite to the bag and seal it. Place the bag in a cold place once the bulbs have been developed. You should keep the temperature of 40 to 45 degrees for three months.
  2. Then, choose a small potting container that has a good drainage. You will not need to move the larger pot until your lilies bloom. Try to use one container per seed. Add about an inch or two of grounded charcoal to the bottom of each potting container to help the lily\’s growth. Add a mixture of one part of compost with two parts of potting soil into the containers as well.
  3. Make a hole that is a quarter inch deep with your finger and plant the seed in it. Cover the hole lightly with a soil mixture before patting the soil slightly to secure. Make the same step for each seed in each of the containers. You should water them afterward. Place the containers in a place that has sunlight with some shade. Keep the lilies in their original pots up to three years while they grow. The lilies will take up to four years before producing flowers.
  4. After three years while they are growing, transfer your lilies in the fall to their permanent location or into larger pots. Make sure to keep the roots shaded and the tops in the sun. Add a layer of compost and a two-inch of mulch in the spring to prevent weed growth and help to keep the moisture in. After the flowers begin to die and all the way once the leaves have turned yellow, cut back your stalks a third of the way.

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