Decorating a kitchen with odd colors

When we have a house, it\’s not fun to leave it as it is forever. Some people love change. Some people can\’t stand seeing the same thing every day. It isn\’t fun to see the same thing every day in the house so here comes the change. To change the house\’s design or style, there are many ideas that one can obtain to achieve the perfect look.

Basically, we do everything we can in our capacity to make our homes lovelier. The kitchen is a place in the house where most people like to keep small so that it won\’t be difficult to keep it as clean as possible. It\’s nice to decorate the kitchen with odd colors that will make it unique and different in many ways. Since many people overlook the kitchen, it will be nice to see some people really caring about making a change in theirs.

Kitchen with Odd Colors

Conventional ovens can go with the unconventional colors, as to no matter what the color may be; it will help to set the tone for your kitchen. Whether you are using odd colors for your kitchen\’s walls or simply as accessories to the common place colors that you have selected for the walls, those unusual colors will add pop and vibrancy to your kitchen. Here are some ways on how to decorate your kitchen with odd colors.

You will need:

Bold colors such as:

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Brick red
  • Hot pink
  • Black


  1. Paint your kitchen walls with a bold orange. Different shades of blue will complement the orange that you select for your walls. Use the lightest shades of blue for your draperies and cabinets. For the hand towels, choose the boldest and darkest blues. You can make stencils or free-hand paint designs in the dark blues on your cabinets.
  2. For your kitchen walls, paint purple and yellow stripes. To make your ceilings appear higher, using vertical stripes is the best way. You can make bolder strips or wide strips. Place the purple grapes and yellow lemons or bananas in a bowl on the counter. Paint your cabinets in either solid yellow or solid purple, but leave the cabinet doors to be painted in a color which you did not use to paint the cabinets.
  3. Paint polka dots on your white kitchen walls in all colors of the rainbow. Paint them in different sizes and make them proportionate in the size of the room. Choose your favorite color and use that to paint your cabinets. Add a depth and dimension to your kitchen by using circle-shaped accessories such as plates.
  4. Another way is to keep your painted kitchen walls neutrally; paint your cabinets in a dark, murky eggplant color. You could even go with a bright which is almost neon shade of lime green to accessorize the neutral kitchen walls. Use brick red, black and hot pink in the kitchen to add color.

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