Putting on Tint

There are many varieties of types and styles when it comes to window tints. Window tints provide you a layer of privacy that let you see out, but prevent others from looking in. These tints also provide protection against harmful rays such as ultraviolet rays and help to reduce heat absorption in the summer while in the winter; it helps to reduce heat loss. You could save money on the cooling and heating bills when using window tints in your house. Other benefits include reducing glare and fading of the furniture and floors inside the house. Applying tints to your windows is easy to do, here are the steps on how to make it happen.



  • Use a glass cleaner and rag to clean the window, and then continue with spraying the window glass with a wetting solution recommended by the windows manufacturer. Leave the windows to dry.
  • To apply the film to the window glass, overlap the film onto the window’s sash on all sides of the window. Continue this step to all of your windows that needs to be tinted.
  • Use the wetting solution again to spray onto the film. Pull a squeegee once across the top of the window glass, from the end of the squeegee pass down vertically to the bottom of the window in three or more separate motions until there is no appearance of bubbles on the film.
  • If there is overlapping film in the window’s sash, cut them carefully with a utility knife or razor with straightedge and very sharp blade for smooth cut.
  • Squeegee the window film in single passes after spraying it with a wetting solution.

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