Recycling At Home

Be Responsible
Instead of blaming industrialists for causing environmental catastrophe, take a look at our own backyard. We are just as responsible in harboring hazardous products and increasing pollutants which harm the earth. And it is time now to protect our planet.

Learn to Separate
Before throwing all your rubbish into the trash bin, separate your wastes into different categories which are accepted at nearby recycling centre. Most plastic, glass, steel, aluminum and paper products are recyclable. As for batteries, take them to the appropriate collection outlet. Some shopping malls and mobile phone shops run this exercise. Never throw away just like that as mercury, a very poisonous component in battery, contaminates the ground land and water. The same special care should be taken for paint, oil, pesticide, etc.

Cook Rightfully
There is something else which we can recycle but usually overlook is our food intake. Buy and cook the amount of food which will be consumed by your household members so that there will be no leftovers unless you are very sure to eat them in the next few days. In an event you have large amount of leftovers, try to turn them into organic fertilizer and allow them to decompose in your garden. In this way, less landfills will be needed.

Other Ways
You can also recycle natural resources like the sunlight and wind so that you do not need to switch on the electricity to do the same job.

If you have any items which are in good condition but will not be using it anymore like clothes and computers, donate them or put up a garage sale so that it can be reused.

Reduce & Save
Lastly, if possible, try to reduce the usage of hard-to-break-down items such as plastic bags or glass bottles. And also, do not buy what you do not necessarily need.

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