Reusing old plastic bags

Don\’t know what to do with the mountain of plastic bags you collected before the return of paper bags? Here are some ways you can reuse them before disposing them off to landfills.

Laundry Bag

Use plastic bags as make-shift laundry bags while on vacation. That way, you won\’t risk having your clean clothes smelling like the old ones.

Storage bags

Plastic bags are not porous. Use them to keep shoes in your luggage to avoid dirtying your clothes when put together.

Trash Bags

Most plastic bags are made to be bio-degradable these days. Don\’t feel bad about using them as trash bags to line your bins. It makes it easier to take the trash out.

Emergency Puke Bag

Carry spare plastic bags in your car when going on long journeys. They will come in handy when someone gets car sick and needs to puke (or pee).

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