Reusing paper bags

Sure, paper bags are an environmentally friendlier alternative to plastic bags, but they still need take up a lot of resources and energy to produce and dispose. Here is how you can reuse the paper bags you get from grocery stores to help save the environment.

Kitchen Towel Alternative

The next time you make fish and chips, use the paper bags to absorb excess oil by lining the plate with cut up paper bags. Not only do paper bags have the ability to absorb more oil than kitchen towels, they also last longer, making them suitable to pack your kids\’ lunches as well. Besides that, paper bags do not go soggy when they have soaked up oil, leaving your fried food as crisp as they were when you first took them out of the oil.

Gift bags

Next time you need to gift-wrap something, don\’t bother rushing to the store for wrapping paper. Turn paper bags into gift bags by punching holes in them, cutting the edges with fancy scissors, pasting pictures on them, and even tying them up with colourful ribbons. Not only are you saving the environment, your friends will also appreciate the effort you put into the gift. You can also involve your kids in these crafts as a past time.


Parcel wrapping paper can be expensive when bought in bulk. Save some money and use paper bags as an alternative. It is also easier to wrap your parcel with paper bags because it already has a fixed form. You can always tape up excess ends with masking tape.

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