Recycling bags

Recycling has become the necessity in sustaining our environment and also reduces all the wastefulness that always ends up in our landfill. Getting yourself and your household member to use recycling bags is one of the ways to help the environment. The recycling bags can either be placed in your garage or by the back door of your house for easy access. The recycling bags can also be labeled with wording such as Recycle PAPER, Recycle PLASTIC, Recycle GLASS, and Recycle METAL. Recycling bags also come in a variety depending on the styles, colours and sizes that you have chosen. Below are some of the tips and ideas on how to recycle bags.

What you need:

  1. Reuse old bags


  1. Reuse your old bags when you are going to the grocery store to buy groceries instead of using new ones from the store. The bags that you should be using are the ones that come with high-quality reusable materials which do not harm your environment during its production and also do not need to be discarded after being use. Nowadays, a lot of organic grocery stores and consumer co-operatives provide customer with reusable shopping bags. Apart from that, you can browse through the internet from for more information on recycle bags.
  2. You can also return your old bags back to the grocery store because nowadays most of the stores provide container for used bags in order to recycle them.
  3. Always keep plastic bags around your house for replacing the small trashcan liners in bathrooms, bedrooms and in the laundry room for throwing out pocket trash that you find in your clothes, plus also for empty the lint filter of your dryer.
  4. You can place a few bags in your vehicle such as by hanging one over a seat, the armrest or under a seat for keeping your car always in tidy condition.
  5. Donate some of your bags to the animal shelter that often need bags for storage, cleaning or even use them while walking dogs or other animals.
  6. Apart from that, you can also donate your bags to the local charity shop or thrift store library in order to provide people who borrow books to use them.
  7. Plastic bags also can use in your packaging whenever you are mailing out to other people. This can be done by wadding them up and then stuff around the items that you wanted to mail.

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