Recycling Christmas Ornament Balls

Christmas Ornament Balls

Most people will keep their previous Christmas decorations items in storage boxes kept inside the attic, basement or in the garage. But when the decorations are used so many times for a long period, they will get scratched and be color faded. You might be tempted to throw them away and buy new ones. So, instead of throwing them to the garbage, recycle your Christmas ornaments into new decorations for your Christmas. This way will help you to save more and preserve the memory and special meaning to each of your old ornaments. It will be a good craft project to be done with your kids. Here are the steps on how you can recycle your Christmas ornament balls.

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You will need:

  1. Glass ornaments balls
  2. Newspaper
  3. White Glue
  4. Printed Tissue Paper
  5. Water
  6. Paper Towels
  7. Clear Gloss Spray
  8. Container For Glue Mix
  9. Ornament Hangers


  1. First, put newspaper sheets on the workspace. The newspaper will avoid the glue drips from staining your workspace as this project can get a bit messy.
  2. Tear your choices of tissue paper into small pieces and sizes. The size should be about 1″ x 2″ or smaller and place them in a plastic tub or any clean side of your workspace. Place the pieces to place that are away from the glue but accessible for you to take them when needed.
  3. Then, fill a plastic container with 1/ 4 cup of white craft glue. To make a thin paste, add just enough water to the white craft glue. The glue paste consistency should look like the un-whipped cream.
  4. Next, hold the glass ball at its base. Place a piece of tissue into the glue paste. Wipe or shake off the excess of glue and then paste it onto the ball starting at the top.
  5. Wet another piece with the same glue paste and overlap it slightly to the first piece. Repeat the pasting and work until you have completed most of the top and the middle section of the glass ball. Hold the ball on its metal clasp at the top and then continue to glue the tissue pieces to the rest of the ball to finish the base section.
  6. Use your finger tip to smooth the paper edges surface and to blend them together. Cover any gaps with more tissue pieces if necessary.
  7. Hang the ball with a wire ornaments to dry off completely. Finish your new ornaments with a few layer of high gloss sheen spray for shine and glue decorative ribbon if desired.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Men OR Top 10 Gift Ideas fro Women

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