Cleaning laminate hardwood floors

Laminate Hardwood Floors

Floors from laminate woods can be a beautiful addition to your house. Although the maintenance for laminate hardwood is complicated, they still can be easily damaged if you do not follow the proper cleaning method. It\’s a big mistake to use a bucket of water and a mop on a laminate hardwood floors as the process can result in warping the floor. Warping is the usual problem that occurs to hardwood flooring if you leave water sitting on top of the laminate wood floor for a long period without proper drying. So, cleaning your laminate hardwood floors with the right way is the only key to maintain their good condition. Here are the steps on how you can clean those floor using things that you can find easily at the ease of your kitchen.

You will need:

  1. Thirty ounces of water
  2. two ounces of vinegar
  3. spray bottle
  4. broom
  5. dustpan
  6. microfiber mop/ sweeper


  1. First, clean your laminate hardwood floor with a broom and dustpan. Remove all of the dust and debris from the floor. Floor that free with debris and dust are easier to handle with when you want to clean them thoroughly for the next step.
  2. Then, make a cleaning solution by mixing of 32 ounces of water with a quarter cup of vinegar in your spray bottle. This is a good cleaning solution that you can use for daily cleaning to your laminate hardwood floors. Mark the spray bottle as floor cleaner with marker pen or stick printed label on the bottle to remind you.
  3. Next, spray the vinegar solution lightly on the area of the floor that you already swept. You can spray no more than a three square for area at a time for better cleaning process. Avoid yourself over spraying the floor with the cleaning solution. Use your dry microfiber mop or sweeper and then work in a back and forth motion gently across the length of the area to be cleaned. After using the microfiber mop, test the floor by touching them with your hand and it should be dry.
  4. Repeat the process until the entire laminate hardwood floor is clean and shiny. Let the floor completely dry and avoid yourself and other people to walk on them. This will ensure better cleaning result and to avoid accidents.
  5. For the laminate hardwood floor maintenance, you can repeat the cleaning steps at least once a week to make your floors stay clean and sparkling.

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