Making your laminate floors shine

Shiny Laminate Floors

Laminate floor that lacks of shine and looking dull will definitely makes your home look less attractive no matter how marvelous your furniture is. Actually is not that hard if you just want to keep your laminate floor shiny and looking forever new, there is some simple and easy way to achieve that floor shiny. You can learn how to make your laminate floors shine by these steps;

You will need:

  1. Mop-on floor wax
  2. Vinegar
  3. cloth strip mop


  1. Firstly, you have to make sure that the laminate floors are free from any dust and dirt. Scratches will easily form by the small bits of rocks, dirt and hard debris which will dull the surface. Swept or vacuum your floor to prevent your floor shine from becoming dulled.
  2. Then, remove any residue from your floor. Laminate floor that has been coated with residue is caused by improper cleaning techniques hence making your laminate flooring looking dull. Conventional floor cleaning in the market are mostly leave residue even after cleaning which builds up and result a dull finish. Try wiping the floor with vinegar in a small area to remove the residue from your laminate safely. Repeat this step until you are able to find the shine that hides under the dull residue.
  3. Do not mop your floor frequently, mop as little as possible. It is not necessary to use any kind of cleaning product, so you just only have to use water on your laminate flooring. A cloth strip mop is the suitable mop for cleaning the floor as you can squeeze most of the water out and this will helps the floor dry quickly. Hard water is the result if your floor has water spots after mopping. To prevent this hard water spots occurring when mopping, make a solution of a gallon of water and a quarter cup of vinegar.
  4. You may not able to revive the shine of laminate floors by cleaning if your laminate floors are old. If you have already tried to remove cleaning product residue and your floor can still remain dull then it may already had its surface worn away. You can use a mop on floor shiner to add some shine back on your laminate flooring. You may need to apply a couple of coats of floor polish that you can purchase in hardware store or home improvement store. Make sure to apply the polish evenly. Frequent application or according to the polish\’s instruction will make your laminate floors shiny.

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