Maintaining your Bathroom Vents

Maintain your Bathroom Vents

Most homes will be equipped with bathroom vents in their bathrooms. The main purpose for installing an exhaust fan is to remove the steam from the showers and to remove bad odors. New exhaust fan start and works extremely well but as the time goes by, the blower wheel or the blade will collect dust and debris. When accumulated dust and debris are combined together with moisture from the showers, it will create a dust build up. If this happens, the exhaust motor will have to work extra hard than normal. It will cause the motor to vibrate and rattle which eventually makes the motor burn out. If you want to prevent this from happening, you have to do maintenance to make sure your bathroom vents continue to work smoothly and quietly. Here are the steps on how to do it.

You will need:

  1. ¼ Inch Nut Drive Or Philips Screwdriver
  2. Mild Soap Or Dish Washing Liquid
  3. Toothbrush
  4. Household Motor Oil
  5. Soft Scrub Cleaner


  1. First, you have to shut down the power to the exhaust fan by plugging it off from the housing unit. Remove the screws using a ¼ inch nut drive. The fan and the motor should come out after the screws are removed.
  2. Next, to clean the dirt and debris, use a toothbrush and mild soap to clean off the blades and blower wheel. You can also use mild dish washing liquid for the cleaning process. Wipe off the excessive water by patting the blades with a clean dry old cloth. Avoid letting any water into the motor and be careful not to get the motor wet.
  3. Then, search for oil ports on the motor. Lubricate the motor by putting 6 drops or according to the instruction given by the manufacturer into the ports. Re-install the motor back into its place after that.
  4. Clean the front cover by hand washing it with a mild liquid cleaner. This process will help to brighten the front grill cover. Shake off all the excess water and then pat dry. Place all of the components back to their place.

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