Repairing your Exhaust Fans

Repair your Exhaust Fans

An exhaust fan in your bathroom will prevent the mold and mildew from building up in your bathroom. At the same time, your bathroom will stay moist and steam free. If you properly install it, it should allow the baths and showers steam to be pulled up through the fan. Through the time, your exhaust fan might be needed to be fixed and it will only need a little effort and your time. Here are the steps on how to repair your exhaust fan.

You will need:

  1. Putty knife or screwdriver


  1. Before starting on this project, make sure that the electricity to the bathroom is cut off. Turn off the main power before you begin touching the exhaust fan or doing any kind of work. You will never know when the problem can turn out to be a design flaw or a loose wire even if you don\’t go inside the motor right instantly.
  2. After turning off the main power, remove the cover of the exhaust fan and save the screws cover carefully. You will need to place the screws back in their place after the repair. Loose the cover carefully by using a putty knife or screwdriver if it has been painted over. You have to be careful not to pull the sheet rock out when you begin pulling.
  3. Before beginning further action, inspect the fan carefully. You will be able to see a loose wire and reconnect it. By doing this, you will save more money on the replacing parts. If you can\’t see any problem, immediately unplug and pull out the exhaust fan. Simply use a little pressure to make it come loose. Make sure that all of the screws have been loosened too. Make sure to leave the bulb to cool before removing it if there is a bulb in the fan housing.
  4. Next, bring the exhaust motor to the hardware store to get a replacement that will fit in your housing. It doesn\’t have to be the exact model as you can still prevent the hassle of installing a new exhaust fan model with a correct size replacement.

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