Recycling Oil

Used oil that has been recycled properly can be turned into fuel oils or being reused as a raw material for industries such as refining and petrochemical. Usually the used oil could be recycled at your local community oil collection centers, service stations, car dealers, or companies that provide maintenance facilities or in some area via the curbside recycling programs. By wrongly disposing of used oil, it will become potential hazard and pollute our land, water and also infrastructure. With only one litre of used oil, it already can contaminate the amount of one million litres of water. Below are some of the tips and ideas on how to recycle oil.

What you need:

  1. Oil Filter Wrenches
  2. Motor Oil
  3. Oil Filters
  4. Adjustable Oil Filter Wrenches
  5. Used-oil Container or Gallon Milk Jugs


  1. First thing that you need to do is to gather information from your country, state or district office on the existing recycling program or the one-stop recycling centers that you can go to within your area.
  2. For oil\’s coming from your car, trucks, farm machines, or lawn mower usage, for example, you can drain the unwanted oil into a clean leak proof container (not being used for any household chemical) that has a secured screw-on top or even a plastic milk jug. If you do not have any container around, the curbside pickup center for used oil normally provide containers for its customer. If you have extra budget, you can also purchase special container especially made to store used motor oil from the local automotive stores.
  3. Always remember to label the container used for storing the recycle oil so that your children will not play with them and you can remind them to stay away from the labeled item.
  4. Whenever your container of used oil is full, you can directly send the item to the oil collection center, your local service station, car repair shop or car dealer that provides your community with this kind of recycling program.
  5. For those who are able to contact Earth\’s 911, you can simply dial 1-800-CLEANUP begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800-CLEANUP      end_of_the_skype_highlighting (1-800-253-2687) to know the nearest collection centers within the distance of your house location. The number will ask for your zip code and automatically you will be able to know the exact locations almost immediately.

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