Recycling Paper

If you managed to recycle a ton of paper, you already can save and protect at least 17 trees from being harvested. Recycling paper is one of the ways that enables you to reduce the amount of solid waste produced through your house being dumped at your local landfill. Most paper can be used for recycle which also includes white office paper, newspaper and mixed-color paper that you can send to your local curbside recycling program or to the nearest recycling drop-off center. Below are some of the tips and ideas on how to recycle paper.

What you need:

  1. Brown Paper Bags
  2. Old Newspapers
  3. Recycle Bins
  4. Twine


  1. For those who are able to contact Earth\’s 911, you can simply dial 1-800-CLEANUP (1-800-253-2687) to know the nearest collection centers within the distance of your house location. The number will ask for your zip code and automatically you will be able to know the exact locations almost immediately. Apart from that you can also look for curbside recycle program from your local public works department.
  2. You also have to separate the recycle papers into several categories for example white office paper, newspaper, and mixed-color paper (which include magazines and junk mail).
  3. Make sure that all white papers which normally being used for printing using laser printers or copiers are not placed together with its wrappers (lower grade) because it is made of different material and cannot be recycled along with the white paper. It should be placed together with the mixed-color paper.
  4. Newspaper should be placed in brown bags which can be recycled together or you can just tie it using twine (a natural fiber). Besides that, coloured advertising inserts also can be recycled along with the newspaper.
  5. Provide recycle containers in a designated area in your home such as a crate or rubber container near a closet or even in the garage. As for the recycled newspaper container, you need to place it conveniently especially near your reading area and try to stack it properly.
  6. Other than that, you can also allow your children to be in charge of recycling the newspapers thus enabling them to learn from the early stage the importance of recycling and appreciate the environment, plus being more conscious in caring for the earth.

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