Recycling Old bricks

Nowadays, brick recycling is starting to be popular and people have become more conscious about recycling them. Used bricks are being much sought after due to its unique and aged look, plus it also has historic appeal. Below is some of the information which is useful for recycling old bricks.

What you need:

  1. Recycle old bricks
  2. New bricks which does not meet manufacturer\’s standard


  1. You can place a used brick in the cistern of your toilet replacing the usage of water. The bricks definitely take up volume thus, it decreases the amount of water used for flushing every time you use the toilet. You can easily save up to 500 gallons of water in a year for each of your toilet with the help of only one recycle brick.
  2. Besides that, the used bricks can also make a nice walkway, which leads up to your home. The walkway can be made of recycle bricks from all sizes as long as you ensure that the structure of the brick is still strong. You can also make brick paved streets for a more pleasant look of your landscape. It can also seep the rainwater in between the bricks or naturally into your soil, instead of the water going into the gutters. During hot months, this bricks pavement also helps provide us with a much cooler surface.
  3. Even the unused brick can also be recycled, for example, new brick, which fails to meet the high standards of its manufacturers\’, can be recycled. One of the ways is through a crushing process for creating “brick chips” that can be used as a landscape material, or even reground it through manufacturing process which in the end creates a new and quality brick.
  4. Recycled bricks can also be used to make a brick barbecue place or fire pit. It can also be used for making a line of flowerbeds or gardens border in your house yard.
  5. You can also make some extra money by re-selling the recycle bricks to your local masonry companies for making them new quality bricks or to make a new concrete material.
  6. Apart from that, other projects that you can do with the recycle bricks including building a beautiful garden feature, making containers or raised pots, an edge for your yard using brick corners or pavers, making brick and board bookshelves and also use it as weights in order to hold down tarps.

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