Recycling Old Cassette Tape Boxes

Old Cassette Tape Boxes

If you are still keeping your old cassette tape (also known as VCR tapes) boxes, chances are that they would have gone mouldy and thus, unusable, unless you have kept them in an airtight container. Although the tapes can not be saved anymore, you can still use the boxes they came in for other purposes.

Some VCR tapes come in plastic boxes which can be used to store things. Alternatively, they can also be used as pencil cases. Most of these VCR tape boxes come with a transparent slot in which the movie picture and title is placed. You can easily remove this and replace it with your own personalized name tag. Not only that, these boxes are also great for storing little things because once you have closed them, you can store them horizontally on a shelf. Plus, you can label them on the sides so that you know what is inside them.

Alternatively, these VCR tapes come in black slot-in boxes. You can save these boxes up for toy projects such as these. This is a great project for your children to build their very own skyscraper city. Not only is it fun and easy, these projects also help encourage creativity growth in your children:

  1. Tape six boxes together, side to side. Make a few of these, depending on how tall you want your building to be. Stack the sets of six boxes above one another and tape them together.
  2. Tape another four boxes side to side and stack them on top of the first stack.
  3. Tape another two boxes together side by side and stack them on top of the four boxes.
  4. Next, go to the classified section in the newspapers and ct out strips of classified ads according to the lines provided.
  5. Paste these strips onto your stack of boxes, on their backbones to make them look like lit up glass windows at night.
  6. You now have one completed building or skyscraper.
  7. Continue building your city by adding in more and more buildings, varying the buildings\’ height and width. You can also make buildings of different colours, shapes and sizes.
  8. Besides that, you can also place these buildings onto a flat piece of cardboard and design the surrounding landscape as well. Add in little details like houses and people. Put in other landmarks such as ponds, parks and satellite towers made out of straws.
  9. If your buildings topple over easily, add weight to the buildings by slotting in books into the bottom boxes.

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